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  1. Wow, 62% vaccinated but many with only the first shot that is just over 50% effective. That leaves more than 1/3 (38%) of the local residents unvaccinated and many of those only 1/2 vaccinated. Statistics have shown that many people worldwide who have been fully vaccinated and completed the 14 days needed to develop full immunity are still catching the virus. Tourists worldwide MAY begin to return after the entire population of Thailand is fully vaccinated with the most effective vaccines available and having waited the extra 14 days for full immunity to develop. While I agree getting the
  2. The bottom line as far as the US Embassy and ACS assisting Americans in Thailand with vaccines it is unlikely to happen. They continue to do 'business as usual'. But, due to the COVID pandemic, this is not the time for doing 'business as usual'. COVID has provided an unusual opportunity and need for the US Embassy and ACS to step up and do what is right at the moment. Yes, we need to respect the wishes of the Thai government but if other countries can vaccinate their citizens the US should also step up. In the long term this would only help to alleviate the COVID epidemic in Thailand and
  3. Will let you know when it happens. Only 81 now and still SCUBA diving.
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