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  1. I'm using ibulaung securities broker part of bangkok bank. Basically you pop up in one of their offices and they will set up an account, then you need to download their app on ur mobile and can start trading online by urself anytime anywhere. No need to pass through the broker for any transaction though they will charge 0.01% and other commissions per buy/sell amount and automatically deducted. Attached is the interface of this app. Dividends are <deleted> and I'm sort of a day trader style. I've put in 1.6mb and now it's 2.0mb but current value loss of around 0.6mb, so basically net loss is 0.2mb. I belive they will recover maybe in a couple of years as these big major companies are less likely to go bankrupt. If I see the values lowering more, I may pour in more cash maybe 0.5mb and be ready to rock and endure the depression.
  2. Well Ford and Isuzu pick up drivers are notorious for speeding and spewing black smokes. Ranger, wild track, f150, raptor and dmax.... If I had a car named like that Im gonna be in da mood for da fast and da furious broh
  3. Maybe the work place is stressful for this dude and looking for a new job! Forget bout the bonus for this year its employees game.
  4. I'm not economic sound(or just bout anything) , but from what I see more thais with office, manufacturing jobs, biz owners are spending much on cars, houses, domestic tourisms due to bargains and lower loan interests. Unlike factory workers I dont know anyone being laid off. I believe these workers assets are being seized by the banks and sold to those capable of paying up faster hence improving the cash flow of the banks. What's more, factories can use the excuse of covid to minimize this year and next's bonus payment from say 4 months to 0.5 months. If say average of the base salary is 30kb, 120kb bonus per annum with 300 indirect staffs, that's 36mb VS 4.5mb, saving 31mb annually by reducing bonus. Laid off workers may get severance pay but those on subcontract can't. This extra cash may support the loan payments for this year and next not hitting the banks. So overall, I believe factories are still capable of paying up the loans by reducing bonus, reducing over time and yet covering the operation expenses by reduced sales amount. And middle class and up are upgrading their life style with more guaranteed faster rate of return for the banks. As long as the companies being able to pay back the loan and pay these mid class for their endeavor spendings, I can visualize the stock value coming to 100bahts and up. Now pls invest in kbank stocks and help me breakeven! I'm at 500kb loss atm.... Jesus
  5. Hi folks, now the kbank's stock dropped to 80 baht a pop. A year ago was around 170 baht. I've heard they are in huge debt compared to other banks. does anyone know why is that? Some predict it will be around 70 baht till 2022. But I've got a hunch they'll be back close to norm around mid 2021. How about your thoughts?
  6. Hello Boyz, I'm in my 40s and Grey hairs are popping up. I've had em since I was 14 and those days till now, I was checking my back with mirror to mirror, dying them, and masking with heaps of hair gel or wax to make less visible. I've recently stopped dying my hair but I'm yet still concerned. Sounds weird but Feeling somehow inferior like signs of I'm having a stressful life! I know someone with bolding top, this dude shaved em all looking like a Thai monk Jesus christ. And... I notice lots of thais dye em black, but look really funny with those Grey black demarcation lines on the roots. I wanna openly ask them why they dye em black, but I guess that's a bit intruding. So how you peeps mentally and physically handling with greying hairs?
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