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  1. ok cool, i may consider additional fan infront. u have informed all the info i needed. kthxbye
  2. Sorry my bad. Actually front is blowing in and two fans on top is blowing out.... i just noticed theres exhaust fan on the GPU and that blows directly below to PSU. But theres no place to put a fan for below back area of the case. Theres one above the back area but the airflow maybe restricted by that big ass white gfx card?? Or it's a common thing??
  3. Hi willies, I've searched on forum "delete old posts" but could find a notch. How do you do this??
  4. Thanks for replies. I just played COD for about an hour, but i dont hear that weening noise from yesterday... I've also downloaded the temp check thing and currently seems it's normal? I've read somewhere, over 90 celcius is danger zone. I havent cleaned the fan yet. If the temp isnt the issue, it's not necessary to change the fan right tweedle?? *but i may wanna add for more surety and cosmetic reasons...
  5. Hi folks, I just got the AMD 3600XT, RT3070, 16GB RAM, GIGABYTE B550M, Master cooler, Thermaltake 750W gaming pc a week ago playing COD MODEEN WARFARE. But I start to notice is wheeling noise starting and I feel near the GPU card area is kind of hot. Have 2 intake cooling on top, and one exhaust fan in front. I just restarted the pc checked the temp on BIOS, but it says CPU temp is at 49 celcius. What is this noise all about?? Should I add exhaust fan at the back too? It was all quiet back then...
  6. Its orange and black color... Anyone know??
  7. Hi peeps, I came across this on shopee. If I buy from retail it's like 4000baht. Is this legit?? https://shopee.co.th/Windows-10-Pro-DVD-OEM-(FQC-08929)-Full-Pack-i.289968386.5948400774
  8. Hi peeps, I would like to play battlefield 5, call of duty modern warfare. I see the reco spec below and am planning to get the highest spec as possible for future gaming's. https://www.callofduty.com/modernwarfare/pc Other gamers out there can reco the place and specs? Afir gaming pc, I should look out for mainly cpu ghz (3.8ghz up? ) , graphics card memory and ram right?
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