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  1. there are more then only this what they mentioned and they now start to use a blood test to make a prediction of who is having problems or even worse and will end up more death then living in the ICU and who is more lucky. personally i have seen many the blood test tells more then how a person looks. the most around me who passed away where seen a healthy with no medical history and alwys seem to be healthy when had medical examination and still died within a few hours after arrival on the hospital. they walked in to the hospital en in just two hours died.
  2. In most countries you can get an overview of the old passport numbers that where assigned to you. Mostly the foreingn affairs office or the multiplicity can provide you this certified overview. With the renewal of my old passport they also printed on on the page next the ID page that this passport is the replacement of the passport with the number ... which was valid from ... until .. and the namen of the issuer. Had this also printed in the passports before. have seen this also in other western passports the last few years.
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