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  1. There are also many thai that nake between the 50k and 300k per month. And the thai are in need for more. Manager is depdnong on what he really is 40k and on performance bonus is a good start for Chaing Mai. Beside the fact you are speaking about a new hotel. Then the more you can save the easier all will go. You also can kick in a year bonus to make sure the manger will perform.
  2. There are many wau to get legally cheap licenses of the OS you need. Like recently bought OS 10 Pro for just 800 thb from a site and was activated with a guine key. For companies their is also no excuse anymore since the new office suite also includes the Win OS and you pay it on montlhy installment. For about 3000 th per year including mailserver If you not want the opens ourse offers good alternative for both the OS and applications. When you use google docs then you are open and google can read all documents including all confidentials as recently was on the news. So actually there is for a conoany no reason not to comply to the law in this and have genuine software and the goverment/hospitals/police/immigration and so on themselfs have also to comply to this too.
  3. If course the europeans go to other places, they just get better value for money. Thai need to adjust the smile they show. The lost the real smile a long time ago as well for most things you start to pay the same or more then aboard in the west.
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