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  1. And the safer you are from a tsunami. Even if it doesn't happen, you don't want to worry about it every time there's a rumble somewhere in the world. I was near the beach and found it stressful. Moved to other side.
  2. Would love to test 3BB 500/500 with international priority. Will go into local shop next week. TOT guy came here and it's just an ongoing struggle. He says he will talk to his network engineer in BKK.
  3. This requires Internet Explorer on a Windows PC, right? I'd love to use it. I could not get it to work, no way.
  4. Ah, you said it's stable. Thank you very much. I'll go to local office to test. Don't like to pay year in advance. We'll see.
  5. Holy crap! That is amazing. And what are you paying? 200 baht for priority international sounds fine! I'm reticent about paying a year up front before I can confirm speeds. Did they let you pay month to month? How about stability? Are they down much/ever? I've been struggling with TOT. I went to their office. They sent technician here. They managed to get San Francisco fast, but not anywhere else! It's a little bit comical. So, if I want to have "fast" speeds (20mbps), I have to use VPN to SF, otherwise I'm getting 5mbps.
  6. I'm going to have a "Thai Business" and an "ED Visa" researched and ready in case things get extremely messy with Type O extension. I don't expect they will be. I hope not. But, my life hangs in the balance, so I'm organizing plan B and C. I think it will be OK, but will send a smart lawyer into immigrations this year for the extension, even though my ducks should be in a row (Phuket). I'm willing to pay an extra 25,000 baht to "connected" lawyer if it will smooth the process a little bit. Like you (it seems), I get stressed out by this ambiguity nonsense. Coming from IT, I like every detail documented. But, TIT!
  7. Yes, the ambiguity surrounding visas is the largest negative about staying in Thailand. If you haven't already extended, you might consider the "combined" method of savings and deposits. Your current balance plus your monthly deposits add up to 800k and you're good to go. I think that the minimum amount of savings is 400k (for combined method), and the seasoning requirements are the same. I'm not certain. The combined method would have you covered for any dip under 800k. Trying to be helpful. This is the land of ambiguity. Since "the retirement visa" has become so convoluted, I'm considering backup plans, including starting a Thai business and other types of visas to ensure my continuity here (not a tourist visa).
  8. Anyone? If not, will trust to luck and try to get 30 day trial with refund clause. TOT is playing me.
  9. You can't help someone who doesn't want your help. He certainly seems to be headed for a crash. If you're wealthy and can afford to pay his rent and other expenses, you may find yourself in a long-term situation. Make sure he has no "dirt" on you in any way, because desperate people can do desperate things out of desperation. Protect yourself.
  10. You already gave her money. You will never see it returned to you. They don't have to ask for money. They know how to work you with just a look or a turn of phrase. You are dealing with a master-level manipulator with decades if experience. She is the boss the the bargirls, like the boss of a video game. You will lose to the boss. She is the strongest of all. And she mentioned money before you return. You have all the info you need. In your heart of hearts, you already know the answer. You are the mouse and she is the cat.
  11. Hello group. I've been using a TOT Fiber to Business package (with fixed IP) for years and have been happy with it (stable and fast)(. For the last year or so, I've been getting 20-30 mbps or better download from USA and 10mbps upload to USA, testing with Testmy.net. That serves my purposes (lots of P2P and large file uploads). I don't care about Thailand speeds. Overnight, my international speeds dropped to literally 1mbps. So, I called TOT support. They replaced my modem and then demanded that I upgrade to a higher Fiber to Business fixed-IP package. Instead of paying 1250 baht per month, I'd need to pay 1990. But why? If the modem was broken, then why switch the plan? Sounded like a runaround to me. I agreed to try the 1990 plan and test it. Long story short, it sucks. I've tested using Testmy.net and download speeds from USA are about 5mbps now, no matter which test city I choose. It's not fast for that price. The new plan is supposed to be 100/200 or so. So, I'm not even getting 10% of that internationally. They seem to want me to sign a new year contract. Nope. It's fast to Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. But, not to or from USA. How reliable is 3BB fiber compared to TOT? I'm hoping I can spend 1200-1600 baht a month or so and get reliable 20mbps download and 5mbps or better upload, day and night, with a stable connection. Suggestions? Is True better? AIS? I picked 3BB because I see their stores everywhere. I think TOT has lost a customer. I don't understand what happened. Sudden crash in quality. I have a need for international speed. Suggestions? Thanks.
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