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  1. Is the Eric American? Does she he a bit of a Korean look to her? Maybe reddish hair a bit? Ha.
  2. I heard 20M. Ha. I thought to myself, 'second time? yeah she's rotten.
  3. Awesome read. Thanks. Nice post. 'There won't be a Constiution left.' They can already kill anyone legally thanks to Obama, including US citizens. I adhere to the notion that '45 is a sympthom of the problem bigger problem.' Got that from C. Hedges. Both parties are responsible for the continued reduction of consitutional rights. In my eyes the Republican Party has done the most destruction while promoting a culture of 'hate.' Neo-liberals have seized the DNC. Given the current and recent past circumstances, IMO, the government, particularly members of congress, are not good and corrupted. Naive to not think otherwise.
  4. How well does Uncle Sam take care of it's veterans? On another note, I just decided to come back to the year 2020 and focus on current issues. Including, the vast military and nefarious covert actions committed by the same country I went to school in. Compared to other countries, the US seems to be not very, hmm, well, 'Christian' like. The international communities' respect for US foreign policy has diminished quite significantly. Have you not been able to notice?
  5. I don't think Jackson can 'handle' her..But I still believe in her! Just give me a sign!
  6. Must you present an airline ticket to buy alcohol there? Or can you buy without a ticket?
  7. https://www.thesaurus.com/ A helpful link to all those that seek to put some 'spice' or 'magnify' their choice of words.
  8. I do like your post however, there actually is a good amount out there. I noticed how on the show 'Rising' they mentioned how another 'dynamic' to this is that it's at the same time AG. Barr wants APPLE to provide details on it's encryption as there was a S.A. national who killed people, last year I think it was.
  9. Yeah or he knows he won't have any problems and it looks good for appearances. I mean I don't think that is too far out given the history of politics not mention 'acting.' Just ask Pelosi she is great at acting. So much, I think people would be shocked to realize the extent of it. Once you do, you won't view government the same.
  10. Well, it is for the better but the amount of deaths are still quite significant no?
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