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  1. Tianchao It also requires a single AA battery.
  2. I get your point. But it's as though you have an issue with people being outspoken about the poor or disadvantaged? And that only those that do are liberals? But I do also get how liberals focus on appearance of being PC without much improvements in policy.
  3. Yeah, how can you not remember it? Any judge would be naive to accept that.
  4. Though thoughtful and I am appreciative of your point, I too strongly condemn such behavior. But what about forgiveness? I noticed in your first sentence it is as though one should die? Is that implying a sort of 'eye for an eye' type reaction? I think the death penalty should be abolished and not used. Just my opinion.
  5. I was talking to a guy about the PC game Football Manager. It seems quality but apparently they have made match-ups so the very best of players can at times loose to poor players regardless of skill. I'm on the edge of getting into football again as I was once in a fantasy league but I suppose it would be more fun with money on it! Sorry if this post is a bit of tangent.
  6. Yeah it seems for the most part Americans now a days think this is how it is and there isn't any better as far as demanding more from the government and comparing our social institutions to other developed countries. Especially boomers who live in nice suburbs. I'm talking about the, PMC or professional managerial class. In Canada you have been getting relief checks or cash deposits since the beginning right? Alongside socialized healthcare, yeah. And in the States they not only BS about relief payments it's hardly anything at all when it did come through. All while there is no soc
  7. I'm with ya. But the thing is he opened the door for nut job corporate fascists and their 'unhinged' conspiracies. If Trump survives his case in NY which his taxes have just been disclosed fully, he may split the Republican Party.
  8. Yeah, why even bring these people on if you just get rid of them within a few weeks?
  9. You should have helped the falangs out with advice or friendship. You know rather than, deciding to go with Filipinos...nice one..not. Personally, and I say this with respect, Filipinos are not nice to work with, especially if you make more money then them. Not to mention their real clicky/groupie work culture and tendency to be petty. Only being objective. Oh, their English makes me cringe when that accent comes out.. Cheers!
  10. Trump 2024 That's all I have to say about this! Many fine people choose to wear masks. It's a choice we all must take. Just look at Karen over there, she cut a circle in her mask. They love it! It's wonderful.
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