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  1. Did he finish that court case yet? I can understand the English guy's attempt to get money but really, at the end of the day...he is kinda petty. Oh no someone called me something...ha. The guy is married right? Why not just brush it off?
  2. Hey brotha, just sharing my thoughts on the locals. "massive ego," ha. This is a forum to post and share is it not? Its fun to pick apart posts on here that fail to read or take in previous posts.
  3. Sorry, you mistook my reply as being 'upset.' Again, using a single experience and IMO, cliche, to be in disagreement with someone who was talking about several occurrences is kinda poor.
  4. Looks like signing up to be a killer paid off! Those Christian values might had something to do with support of such people too! Glad he is out though!
  5. 1. Yeah you are Asian, so do me a favor, share your Asian experience with someone who can relate. My experiences and how I was brought up probably isn’t the same as you nor how you react/behave in this country. 2. I don’t think you read my post/words with consideration as you have typed out some individual experience that in all respect...IMO, is a bit lame not to mention a bit cliché. You can’t even spell ‘fat’ in an English phonetical way to come near how it’s said in Thai. “Uuing,” for fat, come on now. 3. AUA? I didn’t learn my Thai from being held up in some school or group for teaching. 4. And my last and maybe most important point aside from that you are Asian;you used a single example/experience to say you ‘disagree’ with my post that included multiple experiences over time, particularly, repeated behaviors/views, at least, implied and that’s what I meant. You then finish with ‘moral of the story. Adapt or die.’ Relate much? I don’t just mean with being a non-Asian in Thailand but when quoting someone to then disregard its contents and details provided for your own short-sided advice to adapt. You may need to adapt to keep your job and your boss happy…maybe that social circle that you value so much, being Asian. I chuckle at your single experience typed. But yeah, I guess we can agree to disagree. Even though I never said anything about how much Thai people can remember. I will take your point that “Asians have long memories,” sure. Can be quite petty and nosy too if you ask me. Just saying. Don’t mean to come off as negative. I just find the use of single instances to counter someone who was talking about continued views/behaviors experienced, again, ‘short-sided.’
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