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  1. Postponements will continue until the junta members die of old age or until the Thais have had enough to push them onto the streets. You can't lead if no one follows. If you are considered to be stealing a country there are consequences.
  2. Unfortunately these are the same personality traits that allow the Thais to be manipulate by their leadership.
  3. Your right, the numbers inevitably have been massaged but the indication of distrust by Thais of their government is accurate, and well deserved.
  4. chama

    TAT shows foreign visitors by the numbers

    I'm sure there is some accuracy to what your saying but I also suspect that Thailand has become less appealing as a travel destination with it's current leadership in place. And the attempts by TAT to lure tourist to the country have not been offered to Westerners quite as much.
  5. chama

    Going To The Polls

    If Thailand can't get an election executed maybe it's time for their favorite pastime and have another junta? Or is the devil you know better than the one you don't?
  6. So the TAT saying tourism is back and thriving must be....incorrect. Or they would not be offering the waiver. They must feel the Chinese are worth discarding the rest of the world because once a visitor has to share space with a Chinese tourist they will never come back.
  7. But when masses and masses hit the streets how will the boys with guns respond? I'm sure it will be a good time for you and I (and any other light skinned round eyed individuals) to stay off the streets.
  8. Waste of money? Hell no! These tanks are expected to be mission essential in putting down any election protest.
  9. Well this will surely bring back the tourist!
  10. Unity is not the goal. Unrest is the goal so the junta can claim the right to cancel elections for another 4.5 years.
  11. If those cards are out there I hope the story emerges soon. It may be the impetus needed to get this whole thing done and new leadership in place
  12. I suspect you are right but it appears the public is becoming more and more agitated about being lied to and having their country stolen from them. It would not take much of an incident at one of these protest to light up a large group of people who have remained largely quiet that will also hit the streets. These things have a history of simmering until the suddenly explode and it may be getting close. The only question then will be how many people will the men with the guns kill before the public gets what they crave....their country back. Or how many people will die until another snake slithers out of their hole to overthrow the current snakes and promise everyone that they will finally lead the nation to peace and prosperity for all.
  13. chama

    Delaying elections ‘will hurt economy’

    The junta feels that if they issue a directive that the economy will immediately improve. Just as they feel if they issue a directive the sky will open and rain down Bhat on their followers and the pollution will immediately lift. They after all have been anointed.
  14. chama

    March 24 may be suitable for election: Wissanu

    One has to wonder when the junta will feel strong enough to just cancel the election all together. They have no plans to leave the trough but are loosing support (and the votes they have purchased with taxpayer money will eventually forget to vote).
  15. I guess when you one it you can play in it as you wish.