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  1. If you don't know what to do in this type of situation the answer is easy, turn in your license now and never drive again!
  2. You know the court left him a way to avoid doing time. If he does, by some wild fluke, end up in detention it will be in a palatial detention center which will probably be stocked with exotic animals for him to practice his hunting techniques.
  3. Hope they remind those who tally the votes as well.
  4. Yep....enough said. If only he followed the same policies he is advocating.
  5. Not a chance those lanes will be respected and when a larger vehicle eases into those lanes they are going to take out a bunch of motorcyclist in one shot.
  6. You already know the answer, right? It takes time to massage the results and then think of all the angles that need to be covered and the responses to be given.
  7. But he does own the EC so there was never any question as to weather they would rule him as an unlawful candidate. On the other hand filing a challenge does put the question out in the national forum and causes some of the potential voters to mull it over in conjunction with other facts that have been presented as they decide how to vote.
  8. The media can be thanked for this conviction, without it Premchai's wealth surely would have allowed him to walk. Still, the people that worked for him took the heaviest hits so it was still a typical Thai result.
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