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  1. I agree with many here. Leave the chap alone. I have no doubt that the English police will investigate and approach him/request an interview if they think it is necessary. Naturally the dead lady's parents will have concerns. I would hope the English police realise this and liaise with the Thai authorities in the event they establish anything.
  2. This has happened to a friend of mine who lives in Bradford. 6 years ago his Thai wife met a younger man whom she still lives with. My friend and the Thai woman are still married and he hopes she will return. I don't think I'd wait that long before starting divorce proceedings.
  3. At this time of year those roads are frequented by sugar cane trucks from the Nongbualamphu area so it is always wise to use caution. Local inhabitants should be aware of the hazards because some of the routes are single lane and dark at night. What a tragic end to young lives. My condolences to the families.
  4. Not going to happen. The basic structure of the 'Mia Pen Rai syndrome' doesn't allow it. In one sense it can mean 'enjoy yourself no matter what" etc. However, this won't apply to some of the Chinese Thai. Some friends of mine allow their children a given a mount of time to any new year celebration but after that they have to study. My other Thai friends have children who often refuse to do their homework let alone study. A few days ago I was visiting some friends and it was almost embarrassing, two 13 year old girls shouting and screaming about going to their once a week extra English lesson and by the time it was over it was too late anyway.
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