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  1. It isn't a matter of re-registering the car, that's a different process, it is the ownership as cited in the blue registration book. One page cites 'รายการจดทะเบียน', details of the car and another page cites 'เจ้าของรถ', car owner. Police will ask for this as proof of ownership, not a divorce agreement. I would rather be certain with my name in that book than trust anyone's word during a divorce.
  2. Not wrong, the Udorn traffic office asked for her to be present. Who are you to say I'm wrong...next you'll accuse me of something else.
  3. If the car registration book is in your ex-wife's name she will need to go to the transport office with you to have your name replace her's in the registration as the legal owner of the the car. This is what I had to six or seven years ago. What it says in the divorce papers not binding on the transport office and your ex will have to sign a document transferring ownership to you.
  4. Yeah I'm not too sure if they fear the protesters or what might happen to them if they continue. Last w/e it was water cannons but if it got worse than that then yes, what little tourism there is planned would most likely be affected.
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