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  1. “It’s not over. It’s not over until there is no virus anywhere in the world,” and these are supposed to be Health experts?! Time for all countries to stop funding WHO I think.
  2. China is on the list as '..low risk...'?????! I think that statement in itself says it all.
  3. You could extrapolate that to any topic. Why bother studying this & and that if you aren't going to use it. I might never use use the ancient Cuneiform script but that doesn't mean it isn't interesting. Learning Thai is also a route to the culture too.
  4. Surely there must have been a vacant room somewhere where the boy could have been made comfortable until a doctor arrived?
  5. I noticed a bright spot too but this is more like to be a small piece from separation. However, complete examination of the footage would be required to establish what it was. Try all the alternative re-creations/explanations first and only if they don't fit then it may be time to think of something more exotic.
  6. Actually, no matter who you are, how you are built and what your inclination/preferences are there is one battle you ultimately can't win (well, at the moment anyway)...ageing. But you can slow it down a bit here and there. Learning another language is good way way to keep the 'old grey matter' working. In fact many see Thai as being easier than English because of its definite grammar rules. The way English words can be turned around etc and still mean the same thing is often a stumbling block. Thai, like Chinese, is a static language which again is opposite to English which is not. In fact learning a new topic whatever it might be when age starts to creep is a good thing. But unlike younger people who perhaps can take on multiple tasks, JohnBarleycorn find your limitations and organise yourself around that and you'll give yourself a chance to enjoy the experience too. Best of luck to you.
  7. Well, it seems that Taiwan's history is varied. Both the Dutch and Spaniards were there at some time as were the Quing dynasty and it was part of the Japanese Empire in the late 19th century. Like you say, China had many internal battles and I suspect gave little attention to the island. But of course the present Chinese rule wants just any land and every land it can lay its hands on.
  8. Oh they aren't dead eh? Better luck next time I suppose...total driving ban please...naah won't happen. Hope the injured recover soon.
  9. Declaring a total ban would be better then everyone would know what they had to do. Hard on smokers. I know, but at least it is better than having to wonder if some secluded spot is a 'public place' or not.
  10. Don't think it's that straight forward As far as the UK is concerned (they have 300,000 citizenship I believe?) yes they should shoulder most of the responsibility. But that isn't really the point...the point is the UK may not be physically large enough to accommodate them to the level of care required. With regard to the US being defeated in a Taiwan conflict, is not the point either. I would venture to say that the US military cares about its personnel far more than does the Chinese military about their own. The US military would heed cries from home about any strong conflict in Taiwan whereas the Chinese government wouldn't even listen or allow such a thing.
  11. Don't think that's the point really. It is true that other industries have suffered but this is basically the same everywhere. When something happens that involves the whole world then there is nowhere for investors, buyers etc. to go and escape the general consequences. So, Thailand is bound to suffer too. Perhaps the point the is that Thailand should learn from this and curb its dependence on tourism. Now, I don't have any idea on what should partially replace it, that is best left to the experts, but it is clear that tourism is the first service that gets hammered and if Thailand doesn't change then it'll get hammered next time too.
  12. It makes no difference. On a stretched of d.c. close to where I live some metal so called 'crash barriers' were installed and an old 'U' turn was blocked off also. Within a couple days m/c riders just dismantled (more like hammered) part of the new barrier so they could go over the central reservation. Since the new under/overpass on the Udorn-Nongkai junction has meant the widening of the roads and traffic using the overpass is fast moving. Yet still the m/c riders have damaged the new central reservation so they can ride over it even though it has quite a high elevation.
  13. My condolences to the families. However, the children should have not been in charge of the m/c in the first place. But saying that won't change a thing and I see small kids riding m/c everyday as I pass the local markets (just as others here do). Until there is some real harsh crack down on parents allowing underage children to ride m/c it won't stop. Very sad indeed.
  14. That wasn't all Pres. trump said at that announcement. 'Terminating relationship with WHO' because, basically, that the WHO was too aligned with China.
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