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  1. Your first Q&A seems like a good point and worth remembering. The second Q&A is what I think most of us have been used to. Ha, so Nongbualamphu is correct on the first but not the second. Way to go DLT, Ha. Thanks for your comment
  2. When renewing my driving license this morning I went in to the technical dept and asked them about the solid white line with white bars. You surmised correctly. They are a new and extra marking to indicate reduction of speed.
  3. This morning I renewed my driving license at the Udorn office. I offered them the IO 'certificate' and they didn't want it. So to those comments which said it wasn't required at Udorn were correct. To those who use the Nongbualamphu office I suggest you check first to see if you get the same response as I did.
  4. Well, let's face it chaps, it isn't just Johnson's fault, it's the fault of the whole d**n parliament for not backing the referendum result in the first place. All the in squabbling, resignations...just a real inexcusable shambles. Whatever way the result went they should have all worked together to insure either a smooth continued EU membership or the smoothest exit possible.
  5. I'm a hybrid, my dad was a male and my mum was a female. I was not born of a hermaphrodite species which I suppose the Army etc. must be full of those. ()
  6. Thanks for your experiences and opinions. You know, with all the confusing stuff that comes out IO. TAT etc. it would be a shock to see/hear them do something straight, Ha!
  7. To those comments who say China should respect other opinions, are right of course but...have got it round the wrong way. I won't repeat what I said on other 'about China' threads and moreover I can't tell the whole tale of what happened to me when I was I there because, frankly I don't think anyone here would believe me. I find it hard to believe myself now. The Chinese regime thinks that everyone else SHOULD think like them. I will say this, sitting in front of a Chinese panel of hard line communists is not a pleasant experience. One of them, educated in England and spoke good English made it clear what they thought of 'dead democracy'. If the time comes when it seems China will have Chinese politicians in the Thai government, I will leave. Maybe the only reason that hasn't happened yet is because Thais love to boast that they are the only country in the region that has never been colonised.
  8. I was given the certificate then told the charge was 500 Baht, which I paid but I did not get a receipt. I usually don't agree to this but for another 5 years I thought that as the banks charge for their statement every year, I wouldn't concern myself. Not everyone will agree, I know.
  9. In my opinion he wants to put this 'pedo' thing behind him...or perhaps been advised to do so...because he has lot of ideas he wants to see come to fruition. The SpaceX program being one of them and not all of NASA scientists are confident of his words. This court case will cause some 'drag' on his efforts elsewhere. let's hope we can all see a quick end to this.
  10. This is what I thought but both Nongbualamphu DL center and IO said the yellow book (which I have) was not sufficient and that's what Udorn IO also told me this morning. I am not disagreeing with you as we all know things seem to differ from office to office even person to person sometimes. There was something else that we were told at Nongbualamphu, that there were also changes in the DL rules for Thai people also but exactly what they are I don't know and didn't ask. Whether the main event was changes for Thai drivers and foreigners just got caught up in it is a possibility I suppose.
  11. Yesterday while in Nongbualamphu my Thai friend and I went to the traffic office to enquire about requirements renewing my 5 year driving license. Although some years ago I was living in Udornthani I was able able to renew at the Nongbualamphu office so yesterday I thought that if there was nothing new I could complete the application there and then. The reason being that there wasn't a separate window manned for information only so I stood in line. We were told that the law had changed; 1. A foreigner must apply for the renewal in the province of residence and the national data base renewal is no longer available. 2. A document from the foreigner's local immigration office must also be completed and supplied with the usual copies of passport etc. At that point I had no idea what this document was so we went to recently opened IO in Nongbualamphu. They confirmed what the traffic office had said. This morning I went to Udorn IO and they also confirmed the new rule. It is a document of confirmation, nationality, passport number and details in the pages. Requirements for this are the usual two photos and residence info (yellow book or other) and when received the document is valid for 30 days. In actual fact this confirmation/permission document is not a lot different from my original permission given to apply for a Thai driving license and makes me wonder if this another of those rules that was in place already but generally ignored. However, unlike the original there is charge for this 'new' one. Below is photo of the document (with my personal details blacked out);
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