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  1. This Thread might have been up before but I can't find any. Time to bring up an issue to hope that not more Thai Girls walking around looking like Napalm Victims after excessive use of whitening medications and creams. I am pretty sure that 90% of all readers will agree that a nice brown Thai Girl is the symbol for beauty and not the ones that used creams and medications to get white skin. I see more and more Zombies who look like they just left the Hospital after they got rescued out of a burning Minibus on a Visa run. The face is in some kind of white that it really is looking surreal and sick. I prefer the real brown skin combined with the Thai face. It is looking healthy, erotic and has a lot of beauty where the European Girls will be jealous about all her life and many of them see this as the perfect tan. I am not talking of Chinese natural white that turns into a red snapper after 5 min in the sun, I mean the Thai woman born with a beautiful brown skin that just get more sexy and erotic after a day on the beach.. Whats your opinion?
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