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  1. See the blood dripping from the elephant's forehead. This elephant must have gotten many beating before this incident.
  2. "" China has incarcerated an estimated one million ethnic Muslim Uighurs and Kazakhs in “re-education camps”, believing Maoist-style indoctrination will rid them of any hopes for cultural or geographic autonomy. "" The above is an exaggeration, not because the communist government is kind and reasonable. It is because the Uighurs region is too dry / harsh to support a huge population. Half a million, may be ? During Chairman Mao's time, some of the area was used for atomic bomb testing.
  3. I learned my away in China by meeting college students in an language exchange web site. Six years ago, I was in Kashgar for 14 days, I found the Uighurs in Kashgar were genuinely nice people. I took the taxi to and from the airport; the Uighur driver didn't rip me off. I gave them a 10% tip and they pretended they didn't want it. I hope the slick Hans from the big cities would not pollute them.
  4. There is no discrimination against Muslims or Uighurs; as long as they pledge allegiance to the Beijing government and worship within an approved setting. There is actually a central religious propaganda office that regulates ALL religious activities. I met an Uighur in Hainan on vacation four years ago. She was a school administrator in Beijing. She must have accepted a whole basket of carrots; she spoke so highly of the government that she actually made me sick.
  5. My first visit was back in 2000, but China is no longer my favorite vacation place. Up until 2012, the big cities in China were still very messed up. The police was simply lazy. You want safety? You hire your own security guard! The central government wanted to buy loyalty from the Uighurs, the police use it as an excuse to look the other way when it came to Uighurs pick pocket gangs. Since Uighurs pick picket gangs only make up 3 % of the street crime, why deal with it. Dealing with Uighur pick picket gangs mean having to pay for translators, it cuts into the police ktv budget. The Uighurs territories are very economically depressed, and most Uighurs do not speak Mandarin. When they came to the big cities to look for opportunities, they were recruited by gang leaders. I believe things have changed much in the big cities, Uighurs pick pocket gangs have relocated.
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