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  1. Hey Yinn I didn't know you had a sense of humour
  2. LOL we have a jinjok toaster, he has the sense to get out before it gets too hot.
  3. You're Thai - I though you'd have all the answers already to educate us farangs.
  4. Wildlife here is great, it's not the first time I've found a small snake in our bedroom - comes in when we leave dried washing folded in the basket on the verandah for a while or the cleaner leaves the window (and screen) open - if she does that again she's sacked.
  5. Nah, it's just you. Now the 'watchadoin' birds..................
  6. Yeah, but its not like dog kee on the street. Maybe the OP would like a sticky trap for soi dogs?
  7. He won't, he'll just wait till the bottle gets full of jinjoks and then post on TV asking how to get rid of bottles of honey filled with dead jinjoks.
  8. You can try to free it with vegetable oil but it'll die anyway, those sticky traps are poisionous. We use poision bait for rats. Trouble is they stink to high heaven when they die in the roof space. I have to send the wife up to fetch it out - note: the suspended ceiling won't take my weight LOL
  9. I call BS on this. Seeing a jinjok stuck in a sticky trap is horrible. They would take ages to die, unlike chickens, fish, etc which are dispatched relatively quickly. The comparison between the two is irrevelant. 'Chickens with heads ripped-off' - were did you get that from?
  10. How's this for a deterent: move house, try a condo 16 floors up, they shouldn't bother you there. I'm sitting at my (outdoor) desk next to the (outdoor) kitchen. In front of me, maybe two feet up and away from me on the facing wall is a photo of a previous King. Behind that photo live 3 tokays, I can see two tails hanging down now. Why on earth would I (or anyone else) want to get rid of them. I sweep the verandah of dried <deleted> every morning - no problem. Snowflakes nowadays, having moved to Thailand, having problems with the local wildlife. Some people move to villages in the UK that have a local Church and then complain about the noise of the church bells on a Wednesday (practice) and Sunday mornings. Sad really.
  11. Jeez, you want to start trapping jinjoks? Why? Do you know how many bugs they eat? Tokays are even better, we've loads around the outside of the house. A jinjok in the lap is no big deal, I note you are averse to catching ants....get a life.
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