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  1. For citrus trees in tubs plant in some mint. You have to keep thinning it out but ants don't seem to like it. Citrus in the ground I've tried sticky tape around the trunk with varying results, yet to find a proprietary tape here.
  2. Lunch BBQ pulled pork rib sandwich. First try was ok. Full hit next time with coleslaw, salad, fries and better bread (and a cold beer).
  3. The only way to avoid paying it is not to have a sign. My missus won't have one which caused a few delivery problems to start with but we're not hard to find
  4. Thanks, appreciate it. I was thinking the other day the switch would still foul. But the pic is just what I needed, now wifey can go out armed with the right info. Very kind of you to post it up.
  5. @djayz. Hello mate. I think this is what you are after. Now the bad news, just phoned the Bangkok number and they don't stock it anymore due to lack of demand. Dr Treelove's online link is going to be your best bet. I'll be checking out the link too, mine's just about run out. I don't understand why this stuff is not widely used here but farmers seem to like their chemicals more. Even Gen Pryut mentioned using neem on his friday show the other week. Education I suppose?
  6. Chon Buri/Chachensao border, yep, it's also the dry season. But we usually get the odd heavy shower every couple of weeks. This year 14 weeks straight so far, nothing. We've had the odd rumble of thunder and some rain a few kliks away but here, nothing. And, yes, due about Songkran time, hopefully. Groundwater and pond holding up well tho so far.
  7. It was just an example of the company product and logo. ?? Is this any better?
  8. Civet. Never said he was, but he could start a detox trend here, stranger things have happened....
  9. So is this like civet coffee and you drink it afterwards?
  10. Yeah, but, no but, yeah but....the OP would hate it.
  11. I don't care if I've had 4 large Leo's. What a load of crap.
  12. Is the only bit of rock you see between the English Channel and Freetown.
  13. Spent a shitty week in Ferteventuora (spelling?) in January once. Complete shit-hole. Full of English bars and cafes. Cool (as in not warm) too. BUT, cheap enough for the OP.
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