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  1. I'm with you 100% with that analysis. There are a tiny minority of Thai horticulturalists who grow organically - my friend down the road is a case in point. I've just got back from his place this morning and it depresses me how good his place is. Sensible water management, no chemical NPK fertilzer, lots of organic manure, his wife does mushrooms and the mushroom litter goes on the raised beds. He has everything under blue netting to keep pests out. As for education of Thai farmers it has to come from the Kings Projects. Info on the net is 95% English language so not available to the average Thai farmer. In general though changing a farmer's mind here would be nigh-on impossible unless it came from another Thai. Regarding importing equipment another friend asked me to import a piece of kit once...For him to copy and manufacture here.
  2. For the last three years I've only had a PSI TV stream which gives me Mono29, Mono29xtra, M-Channel and France 24 for movies and news in English. This is very limiting as some nights Chinese films are on, no English subtitles. We now have internet, hurrah. Can anyone please recommend a decent service with movies and news? I'm not into sports. Thanks in advance.
  3. Or HLB affects us all here in Thailand. Some interesting research has come out from GM Watch offering alternative reasons for the cause and treatment of the disease. I'm specifically directing this post at @drtreelove as he is a big proponent of this. Comment please Don. https://gmwatch.org/en/news/latest-news/18803-expert-says-there-s-a-cure-for-citrus-greening-so-why-is-it-being-ignored
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