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  1. This morning, went to Bangkok Bank, got bank letter, copies of monthly credit advice indicating all monthly foreign transfers from US to CM, and letter from bank listing monthly transfers. I already had letters from US govt indicating monthly income forwarded to US bank, copies of bank receipts listing same income deposits, and copies of my transfer of funds from US bank to Bangkok Bank monthly OOA first of each month, Copy of wife's ID and Blue book showing where we live, Form 7, copies of PP and pages, arrival card. Finally got to IO at 10AM. when checking documents outside they noted that I used an outdated Form7, game me a new one which I had to fill out immediately plus the two statements about overstay, Thai Immigration laws. Inside for document check by 10:05 and got queue #52. They were currently working #26 and #27. More than 10 min later they called #28. Then at 10:30 they made an announcement that all #'s 46 and above should come back at 1 o'clock. I had planned to eat lunch at the airport anyway so just went to lunch and then just before 1 returned. Less than 15 minutes later the IO called me back, rifled thru all the doc's, laughingly said "lots of banking papers" and I told him I didn't think they could possibly ask for anything else. He said no no all here. Stamped the pp and said wait outside. 10 Min later another IO called me up an took my picture and stamped something else in the PP. All was good and actually waited in immigration less than an hour -though with temps around 40 it seemed longer. No hassles at all and many thanks to UbonJoe and others noting recent experiences at various IO's. No worries that I wasn't prepared for anything different. All the IO's inside seemed in good spirits, lots of laughs and smiles from all. No agent necessary!
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