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  1. while all this is still just dreams and who really knows what will finally come out. But what I would be the most concerned with seeing what the initial proposals are, is one will be granted a 10-year visa, can own property - what happens after the visa expires? Will the individual still own the property? would the individual be allowed to sell the property to another foreigner? Until those are clarified, I don't think I would consider buying a house or land in Thailand. Would think that if they can find enough "super-rich" people willing to buy the land, I am sure they would wa
  2. my foreign insurance company said they will pay for the shot no matter where I get it. Then yesterday I got a message from the company that they will give me a $50.00USD gift if I get a vaccine shot. On a different note, the US is now advising people that get the 1st AZ shot, the second shot should be from pfizer! Don't know about that.
  3. Muang Thai Life. I have accident insurance with them which is cheap but I and my family members have had absolutely no problems with any hospital visits and everything taken care of for more than 10 years. I did have life insurance with them too but decided it wasn't really necessary as my pension will continue with my wife and is more than enough for her to live comfortably the rest of her life. Life insurance with them and probably any other Thai insurer must be done prior to age 65 and pre-conditions may not be included.
  4. there was a recent post with the above links - quite a few adverse reactions to the vaccines. In addition to that was a report from the US that 50% of those that have had Covid-19 still have major health problems from the virus 6 months on. Just saying.
  5. Well, not that I regularly believe newspaper articles, but I did read that the recent visit by a senior US diplomat resulted in a $30 million USD donation to fight the COVID-19 and access to US vaccines. Wonder where the money went>
  6. surprised that some private hospitals didn't have the vaccines and were not doing vaccinations? suggest someone on his staff read the newspapers and let him know what the story is. I contact Bangkok Hospital daily and they have a notice that they don't have the vaccines and are not vaccinating at this time. They along with several other hospitals in Chiang Mai are in the same situation. I also notice that the govt message for ex-pats to register indicates that currently the only two vaccines they are giving are AstraZeneca and Chinese vaccines and that expats have "no choice" of said
  7. I take it you must be black! Zimbabwe used to be Rhodesia and change in 1980 with Mugabe becoming president. White land owners immediately had their properties taken over by the govt and split among blacks. White bank accounts were frozen and one could not transfer the money outside the country. It used to be the bread basket for the south sudan area - I had many friends there who had bought lands and retired there - biggest mistake of their lives. I was in Lusaka for a while and heard many local stories.
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