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  1. do core workouts 3-4 times a week with fairly good results although 73 yrs of age. these are similar but seem to me to add additional workout with each. Looks good to me and will give them a try and am now a subscriber. Some of the other workouts look prettty good too. thanks!
  2. I have lived in Thailand a total of 25 years, last five in C/M and still like Thailand. If you meet the retirement requirements do consider coming here but as many say, plan at first to check out the area and other possible areas for at least several months. There are a multitude of places to retire here depending on what you are interested in. I also note from many respondents that the air quality during the burning season is horrible and a N95 mask blocking out the 2.5mm particles is a must during that time. In addition for all those who do read this, for the past month the air quality for C/M has been more in the 90's than in the green so I guess it is due to auto exhaust but for anyone with breathing problems it could negatively affect you!
  3. Congrats on quitting...I too quit 50+ years ago so I had only been smoking 2-3 years. My Dau asked me to quit - a tv commercial at the time had a child saying "daddy your cigarettes are killing me!" I got a book about quitting smoking but most were torture to me so I did a self hypnosis bit - I picked a date 30 days in advance, and each time I lit up a cigarette I would say to myself 30 days and I quit and will never want a cigarette again, then next day say 29 more days and I will never want a cigarette again, then next say 28 days....until the last day saying 1 more day and I will never want a cigarette again. I had half a pack left, tossed it and have never wanted another cigarette! It works!
  4. I am retired here (15 years) married to a Thai and we have one child. We got her a Tax ITIN so that we could file our taxes each year. Also my retirement will provide for my wife if I die before her so she would eventually need that tax number. We also get a better tax break by doing this instead of filing single, especially with the new tax laws. It is in my opinion better to play it safe and legal and don't forget the FBAR report each year too. It was easy to get the necessary documents/translations needed for my wife and our marriage documentation.
  5. First came to Far East Japan 1966, then VN, then Thailand, Laos, Mayanmar, and Philippines and have lived here from that time until now appr 40 years, primarily in the Philippines 8 years and Thailand 25 years. If I didn't like the life here I wouldn't have retired here in Thailand 15 years ago. I speak the language well enough to go anywhere and chat with just about Thai. I love the food here in Thailand, love that there is no snow/ice, no really big storms (Typhoon), no really strong earthquakes, no volcano eruptions, and like hot weather as opposed to cold weather so Thailand suits me very well. During my life as an adult, I spent almost all my time in foreign countries and kept a log of the goods and bads of each, planning on where I would retire. The Philippines would have been first choice as I was a avid scuba diver previously but they have all of the negatives too except no cold weather/snow. Also their food just didn't suit me that well as it seemed a combination of Spanish w/traditional Filipino. I really like the filipino people and enjoyed golf there very much as it was really cheap. Thailand when I first came here 45 years ago was also very very cheap and undeveloped. The people were great and went out of their way to welcome me wherever I went. Traffic in Bangkok only was really bad but as there were fewer cars outside the city it was okay. I retired in Bangkok 15 years ago, and then totally fed up with the traffic/pollution moved to Chiang Mai. Now the traffic multiplies almost monthly with very aggressive drivers who lack driving skills and too many motorcycles running amok on the roads. Everything else good about Thailand still remains here in the north except for the traffic and the air pollution during the winter/spring months. We found a great intl school (CMIS) preparing my child for US college. Some of the previous students are currently enrolled in the best colleges in the US. Therefore, I will remain here until my child finishes HS, then will move back to the US to help her integrate into the society there. If I was there, I would be getting free HS but think CMIS is worth the 15KUSD a year with classrooms of 15 or less. My child currently is studying 4 languages (all with different alphabets) and wants to begin a 5th language. In the US this would be cost prohibitive even if I could find the teachers where we would be living. Our lives are not into the rat race as it would be in the US although some things would be cheaper food wise except for Thai foods which would be more expensive than here. I still think this is a great place to raise my child. Autos are approx 30-50 percent cheaper in the US while housing is higher. Gasoline is cheaper than here too. But overall, living there would be just as expensive/cheap as here depending on lifestyle. Hope this wasn't too drawn out!
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