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  1. Well, that does not apply to my story. I bought the car new in 1999 and have still the original brake-pads in. It is my personal experience about deestone.
  2. A year ago a local company fitted 4 deestones on my pickup. After a month or so i drove 200km with a heavy load on the back. Afterthat I noticed the car was vibrating. Cause was a flat section in a rear tyre, clearly visible. I got another deestone tyre for that. 5 months later, no heavy loads in that time, i noticed vibrations on my (manual) gear-poke. Check revealed a slight flat area on a deestone tyre in the front... After that, i changed to another brand for the front two tyres. While this was ongoing another small flat area was found on another deestone tyre. That makes 3.... Now i drive still with 2 deestones in the back while keeping 1 at home for spare. Never again for me...
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