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  1. In theory, and by law, when your extension on ANY type of Non-Immigrant stay ends, you can apply for another non-immigrant type stay without leaving/returning on a new visa entry OR doing any sort of "change of visa" / "conversion" process (the latter required if on a tourist-entry). All that should matter, is that you qualify for the new type of permitted-stay. That said, some offices will adamantly refuse to do this from certain types to some other types, and will inisist you must go out to a consulate and return on a different type. As this "discretion" (i.e. "use our agent-partner to avoid the trip") has nothing to do with actual written-rules, the only way to find out is to try. I believe the critical factor in qualifying is that you must have you investment in a Thai-owned bank. There is more discussion here on this extension-type, and on that tangent:
  2. You will not get an extension in some offices without it. Please do not fall into the trap of many here, thinking your experience is universal - it isn't. If everyone had my experience (at 3 offices), no one would have a marriage-based extension in all of Thailand - yet some do.
  3. Children don't get sick with this virus except with serious co-morbidities. Children don't go into bars, anyway. Bingo. The only thing he said I agree with, since they are the only ones affected by this virus beyond cold-symptoms. If everyone else could quickly get it and become immune, the lock down of the vulnerable could End Sooner.
  4. If you read those docs you would know that. The under-oath testimony was the opposite of what the same folks said on TV - Clapper, Crowd-Strike, etc. Trump knew the case was bogus, since he had access to those docs the whole time - but played victim of the "Evil Democrats" so his base would rally around him. Did I mention I'm not a fan? I'm not a fan of either half of the 2-party-duopoly - don't buy into the relay-race / baton-passing games they play.
  5. Sounds like you did everything correctly, and they are trying to deny those with Non-O Visas using income to qualify, whether for marriage or retirement. The supervisor says the same thing - the "new rules" seem to come from the top. I had massive roadblocks thrown up when I went for a Non-O based on marriage extension to my Non-O Visa, when I tried to use income from a Thai job with work-permit. Seems to be a pattern with "income" vs "bank money". They completely ignore what the "published" rules say about simply proving the income. In my case, they demanded more months of income-proof than the extension-rules require - PLUS other documents which were already used to get the work-permit (of which I had copies - deemed not good enough). It's a sick joke - the "flagship office" now disregards the rules they published.
  6. Many schools handle your extensions - have an "arrangement" with immigration to process them. I would ask the school about this before chosing one, if looking to go this route for an extension of stay here. The "fee" for this was around 3K baht per 3-mo extension, when I last looked into this.
  7. Yes. Family-based or "change of visa type" (aka "conversion") are AWFUL. Retirement is OK if you use the "money in the bank" option. All services "no problem" - with or without any financials (bank-money or income-proof) - if you use one of their agent-partners. The last option works for many offices - just the agent-fees change. Much easier in the PI and Cambodia. In the PI, they outlawed "fixer" agents, so the staff are friendly and polite - not looking to force to to an agent. In Cambodia, agents are cheap - never see an IO - and you get multi-entry automatically.
  8. It's been an "agent" thing for a bankroll for years, unless you work for a large non-profit, which has their own "lawyer" to handle it. You often have to pay the lawyer-fees, in addition to working for free.
  9. Sometimes I wonder if that was the point of this whole exercise. It's hard to believe all the experts could be so far off in their doom-and-gloom predictions - but maybe they just could not know that this virus was only a significant danger to the morbidly overweight and/or those in nursing-home / hospice environments.
  10. Likely so in Jan/Feb, when the carriers from Wuhan brought it in. The deaths casued were attributed to other things, naturally, since the Chinese could never be blamed for anything. It's not as though "special non-carrier" Chinese came here, while the carrier-ones primarily went to Italy. Who knows if that has not already happened? A wide-scale testing regimen, including antibody testing, would be needed to find out.
  11. What is over, is the fear-porn working. This virus is dangerous to a very small and specific portion of the population only. The data is very clear on this. it is NOT "Spanish Flu II". Hospitals were not overrun, and that was the only functional purpose of "flattening the curve" - the downside being increasing the lifespan of the virus - to the extent those measures even worked, which is questionable, given how well it spreads, especially indoors. The sooner the rest of us get it and develop immunity, the sooner the vulnerable don't have to worry, because viruses die-out when most of the population is immune to them. That's what happens every year with cold and flu bugs. We hear about new cases from returning travellers, because they are tested. If they tested the general population, I would bet good money they would find many carriers everywhere. And on the returnees, we get "x had fever," and later, "y tested positive for covid." What I would like to know, is how many with reported-fever had flu or something else, and how many who tested positive ever had symptoms? Most who get it don't ever feel sick.
  12. He has to mention O-A, because immigration is pretending it matters if you entered (years ago) on a Non-O or Non-OA, for purposes of selling insurance.
  13. In my expereince, when they are trying to block your extension w/ landlord docs, they will accept nothing from the Juristic Person. If they are only trying to honestly verify your address, then they will accept it. Where is the agent-money profit in that? If they wrote down the specifics and stuck to them, everyone would just apply honestly themselves, and be completely prepared. @AlfHuy The terms/conditions and penalties for overstay are not new, but just have to sign the forms. The landlord-doc you describe, I have never heard of. The TM-30 is required at many offices, but has not been required in recent months at CW. Just ignore "I never had a problem," people; they are either lucky or lying. Seems odd they would even comment here - so maybe some are IO's. What would be the point in those who "never had a problem" commenting in this forum? Makes one wonder.
  14. What type of entry do you have now? Is it a Non-O 90-day Visa entry?
  15. The lawyer's "fee" may be part of that arrangement. But, in general, the particular labor-office makes the call.
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