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  1. that's why people offer openly the goods from Malaysia, tax free. Look around on FB or Thai language pages (Panthip,etc).
  2. Than the answer is clear. Go somewhere else, let this restaurant do their business. If that restaurant is popular already, does a good job and the people know what they doing than they do not need "you as a customer". No business like the customer with the attitude " I have the money".
  3. sad statement, obviously you do not own a business. You do not even know why that restaurant had this policy.
  4. with the same amount of staff they were able to handle up to 600 people before, now they limit at 200. They increased their own workload and loss of revenue is up to THB400000 or around USD12500. Taking into account that millions come here on free visa on arrival (usual THB2000/head) this must be one of the biggest money burning machines currently. Amazing Thailand.
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