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  1. I never won a lottery, but I am definitely going to invest in a saffron robe and an alms bowl.
  2. No mention of why or how this was a dispute. I haven't read one well written article on thaivisa for weeks. How has it gotten this level of sloppy journalism? All the quality journalists and editors must have resigned and moved to Vietnam.
  3. Seriously, is thaivisa just copying and pasting articles in Google translate and posting them?
  4. The quality of journalism in Thailand has hit rock bottom. This is the worst one yet.
  5. No 90 day report. I just arrived back in Thailand today after traveling abroad for 3+ months. So doesn't my address need to be reported after being out of the country or even the province? I've never bothered filing a TM-30, neither has my landlord- Until recently, I suppose, because she said she normally charges the tenant 300 THB each time she has to do this because it takes up her time and gas (but she isn't charging me because I have been a good long term tenant) I've been away for a long time, but last time I did an extension the IO politely told me to inform her to report a TM-30 next time. I actually live in Nonthaburi. I can literally walk into Bangkok limits in about 10 minutes. Changwattana Immigration is 15 minutes drive, Nonthaburi Immigration is 40+ minutes. 30 minutes on the tollway to Sukhumvit. I used to go for a night on the town, stay in a hotel and take care of any daytime business I might have in Bangkok (shopping, whatever). Now this poor lady would have to drive an hour and back if I was to do that. Or even stay in a hotel 5 minutes from my home, apparently.
  6. Hi all, looking for a bit of insight. I arrived back in Thailand this afternoon and informed my landlord I am back at my rented condo and brought up the TM-30 thing. She said she can't report me because it was the end of the working day for immigration on a Friday, they aren't open on the weekend. I asked about online and she said she didn't have the password yet. Is this ok if she reports me on Monday? I know it is supposed to be within 24 hours, but for weekend or holidays is that extended to the next working day? P.S. I feel bad for her. She has to drive almost an hour and back just to tell them I arrived at the address written on my arrival card. Insane! Anyway, she probably knows the law better than me. She has many tenants and is very hard working and responsible. I'd hate to see either of us get a fine for this nonsense.
  7. That may be the worst story yet! As other posters have said- you should tell your story to news agencies, etc. that was painful to read. I can't imagine living it! I really sympathize with you. Go tell your story. Don't let that horrible experience be totally in vain.
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