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  1. Today I asked for a quote from “NowCompare” they recommended Regency Health Insurance Company. My last message to them:- Are Regency on the TGIA approved list of health insurance companies? Their reply:- To answer your question, no Regency are not on the TGIA list of insurance companies. It is important to highlight that TGIA is not an authority, meaning they do not have the right to approve or disapprove insurance companies. This is just a website you can go to for information on medical insurance, it is an industry marketing website so therefore companies can pay to advertise on there. Regency’s policy complies with requirements specifically for an OA VISA, giving you THB 400,000 inpatient cover and THB 40,000 outpatient cover. This plan covers you in all Thailand state medical facilities. We have many clients in Thailand that have opted for the Regency Thai Long Stay policy so your situation is very familiar to us. Is the above statement from Nowcompare correct? I think it has been stated on this forum that the health insurance needs to be with a company on the TGIA list? Thank you Keith
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