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  1. Great work clearing out all this scum. Now they have made plenty of space for the new breed of Chinese and Indians to take up the slack. How they will wish they just left us all alone!
  2. True but he is grossly overweight, balding beyond repair, whiter than a linen sheet and God damm ugly! All roads here lead to Britain.
  3. Yeah, yeah. We deduced this days ago. All those British folk on here knew it as well. Been an anxious few days I bet.
  4. Gee, I don't mind a good flogging myself but mine usually involves myself, a good come down and a box of tissues. What the hell is wrong with this world?
  5. It's a toss up between these pathetic souls and that balding, rotund, sandal footed, soon to be claimed Englishman.
  6. So it was true. That over portly, large bellied specimen is a TV member. I knew it! Like they say, if it walks like a duck...
  7. After witnessing all this outrage and vitriol spewing from our TV members I am left feeling troubled. Just imagine the pure carnage on here if our plump, pale and unfashionable subject commited a real crime!
  8. Haha that is funny. It is in fact you Richard who missed the sarcasm. Next time I will add a two paragraph disclaimer at the bottom stating my intended use of sarcasm. That way we cover all levels of intellect.
  9. Of course it was. Even though she dropped it, she knew it was two stuck together.
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