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  1. with the Turkish presidents depiction on the cover of the latest issue events seem to be spiraling deeper into 'see who can hurt the other one the most' with indiscriminate violence the obvious result. Just think of how many 'lockdowned wannabee jihadists there are out there, just waiting for an excuse to get their two minutes of fame on martyr.com. Though I understand the principles involved, this is pure folly by stupidly risking the lives of innocent citizens for they are the ones that will pay the ultimate price here. Policy, pride, ego, whatever, the folks calling the shots on this at le
  2. don't know, lets ask the experts.. https://metro.co.uk/2020/04/16/uk-spent-16000000-coronavirus-tests-didnt-work-12567736/
  3. another billionaire wanting more power than his money can buy, wait - did you hear that? It's the sound of the getaway jet warming up..
  4. and they were warned but still decided the money was more important - this virus doesn't give a damn if you're suffering from 'lockdown fatigue' or that your right to not mask up is being infringed. All it wants to do is to infect a many as possible which it is now doing. Time for folks to grow up if they want to get a handle on this..
  5. very sad and a sickening attack, though you would have to blind and deaf not to see this coming...
  6. so more deaths due to cartoons and imo just the beginning. Displaying these upsetting images on the sides of buildings is enough to unhinge the already unbalanced mind and when you add in the covid effects on the human psyche all hell will break loose, and possibly already has. I hope it was worth it..
  7. With the latest terror attack now France has a two fronts to deal with - and both could of been avoided or mitigated...
  8. well seeing the young were the primary spreaders of the virus seems kind of fitting to me..
  9. well, my relatives down south will probably spend it on their children's school fees and paying off debts accumulated during the times when they could hardly give the latex away let alone make a living..
  10. when i lived in Barbados, the boys would 'schedule' their sweetheart visits from tourists (don't want to say from which country so as to not inflame too many) like clockwork in 2 week periods occasionally getting into a jam when travel plans changed. They would have to call on their buddies for back up work ptp...
  11. China. In 2012, China provided $165 billion in agricultural subsidies. ... Indonesia. ... Japan. ... South Korea. ... India. ... Haiti and US rice imports. hardly uncommon..
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