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  1. just give a call to the saudis, embassy work is their specialty...
  2. seems to me, you're not starting early enough - rookie lol...
  3. imo I'd take care of the little gangster, we don't need more meth on the streets or the possibility of stray nukes being peddled. People there must be living without hope.
  4. By feeding the problem you are acting supremely selfish to assuage your 'feelings'. Performing this self centered act in a foreign country is heartless, when you consider you're contributing to these horrific acts that are occurring with alarming regularity. Why don't you go back to where you came from and be civically irresponsible there instead of putting the rest of us at risk?
  5. The authorities better act because people have had enough. They tried to bring in a registration but the folks thought it was too expensive. Time to push that through and get all legitimate pets documented. After that all other animals would be fair game, because the priority should always be people.
  6. Expect more attacks on people and more incidents of animal cruelty. When this affects Thailand's tourism (through adverse reports on the book of face) action will take place, not until. My biggest fear is a major rabies outbreak, with the number of strays it could be hard to contain with the efforts that have been shown so far.
  7. Bring it on, I didn't leave frigid Canada years ago to freeze here as well.
  8. 'go local' ? lol The great farang sleuth hard at it. You remind me of lawyers or insurance salesman I knew in Canada that would say anything to further their views. Smooth greasy fabricators, have a great day!
  9. I've had aggressive dogs attempt to circle me while jogging in Hua Hin. Thankfully I always carry a home made pepper spray that they don't like. It also depends on what time of day it is, they're a lot more active in the evening it seems. I don't wish this on anyone, it's very unsettling.
  10. Total BS that you say this is the caused by people bringing in infected animals, do think they have a magic fence that keeps them 'historically rabies free'. lol Don't know what your smoking but maybe you should apply for the 'amnesty', maybe they can get you some help.
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