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  1. lol 'nobility of spirit', I doubt folks in the UK think people illegally living there are 'noble of spirit'
  2. I think people are just sick of the selfish others who end up justifying more scrutiny on all of us who are trying to legally reside here. I guess these folks believe rules don't apply to them and screw everyone else...
  3. Selfish loser, too bad the penalty here isn't a year in jail first offence. My only hope is when you wrap your brains around a light pole you don't take anyone with you...
  4. hope the money they have received from you so far will pay for the executives bonus this year and maybe a tip for the soul who developed the cut off time...
  5. maybe with mrs. huawei we can do a twofer with the States and get a trade deal later on..
  6. less than the catholics but a bit more than the protestants..
  7. Within a month of implementation the system would be inundated with complaints of service, quality of meds, paying too much for substandard care and on and on ad nauseum. No, I think it's wise for the Thais to give this a pass..
  8. Obviously well known problem with the flight designated alcohol free yet the drunks still access their drug. I guess the next step is drug test for alcohol every passenger prior to boarding and thoroughly search belongings and people. Nothing worse than a drunk on a plane except an airline that doesn't do it's job and endangers other passengers because of it.
  9. I have a sneaking suspicion that the 'med' in CM would explain many things about this thread.. lol
  10. and most of the clowns who beat on women can only do it when they're drunk because they lack courage as well as morality..
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