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  1. a historical perspective of US hypocrisy.. https://quod.lib.umich.edu/h/humfig/11217607.0004.202/--explaining-american-hypocrisy?rgn=main;view=fulltext
  2. I worked a few years ago with a Canadian man who lost his leg in Afghanistan - listening to him (and others) Canada treats its vets just as bad or worse..
  3. they're not inspecting the vehicle as such they're just clocking all the old '****'s that are driving
  4. assassination is not diplomacy and the world is full of hypocrites..
  5. had my house robbed in Canada but never had an incident here. My only security issue over the years have been with drunk foreigners..
  6. they let one out of the airport with no records on contact details, could end up a very costly error indeed..
  7. this is a 'world aspect' - not sure why but folks tend to get a little tunnel vision when they arrive here or possibly they've never really travelled..
  8. 1 billion a year to try and keep it clean lol, you must be 1 in a million.. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/sep/12/britain-is-nation-of-litter-louts-says-jeremy-paxman
  9. they started flogging people for littering chewing gum, you tend to stop littering when blood is running down your legs..
  10. no litter in Australia then? And this is one town.. How much does it cost to clean up litter in Australia? Simply overlooking a law like that, kills millions of animals every year. And it isn't just the animals paying the price. Litter costs heaps too. On average, Victoria spends around $43.5 million cleaning up rubbish each year – almost $200,000 each day!
  11. I'm curious to the reaction that Australians would have if a foreigner was lecturing and cajoling them on civic pride..
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