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  1. yeah there's a real (dim) wit headline writer out there, follows the lead of most of tabloid garbage out there..
  2. and China will listen lol.. Who will enforce it PETA? And countries will start a trade war in the middle of a depression? I agree this practice should end but China has to come to that conclusion themselves otherwise folks will be pi**** in the wind. BTW, these markets exist in many countries..
  3. and what of the very high rate of diabetes here - sorry, I attribute the lower rates with more social responsibility and maturity shown..
  4. sorry, there's just not enough known about this virus to say it's just the diabetics and obese people that are at risk (which in the US is millions by the way so what's your point?) Do have a link for the Thai Government cover up?
  5. my extension procedure for reasons of marriage hasn't changed since 2003 and it has only taken me a few hours every time (though you do have to pick it up a month later)
  6. and that's part of the reason of Australia's success compared to the UK..
  7. better bring the Chinese welders over to really make it work..
  8. this guy was as shady as a 1000 year old elm, though 18 yrs is a bit excessive..
  9. human dregs and 300bt rooms, won't miss it a bit..
  10. First of all the Thai diet is full of sugar, salt and fat, so no, as their huge diabetes numbers show, their diet is for the most part poor (though changing slowly). Vitamin D production from people of darker skin is a lot slower than Caucasian skin, and with many folks not working in the direct sun this is most not likely true. I'm supplementing my wife's diet with it for she works at our shop in the mall so she's not producing much for sure. As far as stress, I would think scrambling daily to provide food for the family would be plenty stressful though they're definitely not the big complainers about life like Westerners. 'Natural Immunity?' lol that's a new one! What is more than likely is that with no aversion to wearing a mask, community transmission has been kept down unlike those many other countries that can't seem to figure this out. I do agree, like most other countries, that millions have this virus but Thais certainly don't have ' a natural immunity'..
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