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  1. Be hard to replace all those selfies he so lovingly accumulated over the years no to mention his Tinder and grinder connections...
  2. Don't care much for souvenirs, however, bars dropping their drink and pay for play fees will see me there everyday...
  3. I have a friend who lives in a moo ban in the outskirts of Pattaya who's surrounded by other housed each keeping a menagerie of both farm and show animals whereby the noises emanating from them unbearable and enough to send you over the bend and for some people excessive noises is enough to make them do rush decisions...
  4. If the sea could only talk... our ears will be ringing for eons to come learning what people are doing everything imaginable to ruin this precocious resource that was our origin of life...
  5. ezzra


    Carpe diem my friend and live to the fullest, rose color glasses or not, maybe you're one in a many thousands that found a keeper, many others are still mopping after the disaster and destruction their relationship left them with...
  6. saengd said it right.. all you need is full documentation of the sale, i.e. sale contract, land department documents attesting to the sale and transfer, copy of the bank draft showing the amount the condo was sold for and any TT3 receipt issued to you when you brought the funds over to buy the condo and you're good to go...
  7. The bar association of Thailand is the only place to lodge a formal compliant but your case should be pretty strong and compelling for them to turn on one of their own, other than that, the small claim tribunal should help but again, your case should be backed up by strong and tangible proofs as to maleficence, neglect and or disservice to your case. OR.. hire another lawyer to sue the fist one...
  8. Some if not all the best beaches around Pattaya Rayong areas are controlled by the navy whereby entries to foreigners are prohibited albeit some charge entrance fee, however, it is not unheard of that defend forces are running huge bushiness and commercial enterprises largely ignored by governments on a basis of 'i let you do this and you in return for your support'...
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