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  1. Admittedly, i too, sometimes ride the pavements for a short distances of no more than a 100 meters or so where the alternatives are a big detour around on a very busy road, however, i do it ever so mindful of people walking/standing and stops and let people pass first, yes, i know, i'm trying to justify the wrong, but what i'm saying is that if you have to do wrong, do it nicely..
  2. On Valentine day while having sex i talk to my wife lovingly, whenever she to call me on the phone...
  3. When one hails from culture of corruption deceit and dishonesty for so many years, this is no surprise that it will also find itself into areas where honesty dignity and pride in your achievements are so important, alas, old habit die hard...
  4. Every targeted shot that is taken by an israeli sniper has to be authorised by a captain, and no, no changing of the rules of engagements or re positioning back as your enemies will simply will advance forward and receive your repositioning as weaknees the can exploit, those protesters and the people that sends them knows very well what is awaits them and they still come, it's all a part of a bloody game to see who can last longer...
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