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  1. Well that option is buggered then
  2. I accept that I might be wrong, and the Lawyer, but I must respond with why I think he is right. Below is the document where he refers to dealing with an Extension based on Retirement :- "Reason of Necessity - 2.22 In case of retirement" It clearly states it is for an Extension of Stay and in Part 6 states it relates to an initial O-A Visa (Retirement). The lawyer interprets that as to mean any Extension based on Retirement after 31st October. But is he wrong and that only means any Extension based on Retirement for an O-A Visa issued after 31st October - maybe. Is there anyway this can be asked and clarified with Thai Immigration before 31st October? It doesnt worry me as I will no longer be using the O-A Visa to stay in Thailand, but if someone rocks up on 1st November and is rejected that could cause them big problems. I know a guy who went for his Retirement extension and because he had less than 65K into his bank in a couple of the months, but averaged well over 65K for the year, he was rejected. He had no choice but to switch to Extension for reason of Marriage - any attempot he made to state that the rules was not every individual month and that he was well over the annual total anyway, was rejected. IO interpretation is the problem. If a lawyer interprets it the way I have, then I can see that an IO would too.
  3. An experienced Lawyer in that video states that it applies after 31st October to both new arrivals with a Retirement Visa and those already in Thailand seeking an Extension based on Retirement. OK - got it. But I have another question? Why does a Retiree have to have 800K Baht in a Thai Bank to apply for an Extension?
  4. IMO it is clear that it will be applied after 31st October to Expats on an O-A Visa issued/arrived after 31st October who are seeking an extension of their permission stay in one years time. But does that mean it will also be applied to those who are already in Thailand and who after 31st October are seeking an extension of their permission to stay (based on retirement) after 31st October? I am not sure - maybe - maybe not. Clear as mud.
  5. Dont get caught mate - we are very hard on them. And we are known to tell the Thai Authorities who catch them on the next run and they shoot them
  6. Shouldn't think a successful person is good/great either. Many successful people in IT Industry like Gates, Jobs, etc made a genuine contribution.
  7. All this and many other 'episodes' with the new IT Barons like Musk, confirms my belief that the modern silly IT revolution (social media) has spawned idiotic industry Barons (those who got rich with a product/service millions bought). Paypal, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc - they are all idiots who got very lucky. Unlike previous Barons like Ford, Vanderbilt, Morgan etc. who made their wealth providing 'real' products and services that (mainly) advanced western industrial society, these new Barons are as vacuous and silly as their 'products and sevices'.
  8. Get rid of all those old Expats and stop thousands of others from coming to Thailand - those old Expats who often (eventually) marry Thai girls and support whole families. That was such a great thing to do you dingbat. There are so many words to describe this 'Govt' - but all would be [deleted].
  9. Mate - good luck getting that - and dont waste your money getting it translated. There is no effin way any western insurance company is going to sign/provide an insurance certificate that states that their insurance complies with any Thailand Goverment issued decree or law - or a Police directive to Immigration Officers. And to get it actually signed by that insurance company's Directors - as much chance as a snowflake in Hell.
  10. It was a rhetorical question Tanoshi. I did that when we lived in Thailand - twice. And it was my plan going forward when I get the pension here. Some people call it a Visa extension - but all it is is an extension of your permission to stay. You leave again and you have to get a new Visa to re-enter. Semantics really - the nomenclature is often wrong.
  11. I hear you. We also have a back up plan. Live in the Phillipines and visit Thailand on tourist Visa. Hope it doesnt come to that - but the research was done a while ago, and it seems an even better alternative now. Philippines offers many benefits compared to being a retirement Expat in Thailand - like Residency and being able to work or start a business - they all speak English - tax and duty excemptions and incentives - the medical system is good i the major centres - there are a lot of Expats already there and therefore most of the services and facilities Expats want - and once you have received residency, you can stay in the Philippines for as long you like (your retiree visa does not expire), and you can leave and return without reapplying for residency. And the air is a lot cleaner overall. While I would prefer to live with my Thai wife in Thailand - it is only 3 hours away to visit the family - it is IMO the most viable Plan B.
  12. Correct. And it will stop many coming for long tsyaing periods too. It has changed my plans - no way I am buying and living in Thailand for most of the year, after I get the pension. And I know 2 other blokes who now feel the same way about going there for longer than 2-3 months on a Tourist Visa. Not only will this affect those already there and staying on Extensions/Renewals, it will also affect those who want to live in both Thailand and their home country. I know it is only for O-A Visas now (Retirement), but I can see it also being applied to the long term Marriage Visas in the future. All they will need to do is create a sub-category (those aged 50+) and they can then easily apply the insurance requirement to that Visa too.
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