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  1. I thought I had replied to this, but can’t see it. I’m in the same boat. State pension + RAF (30 years service). When trying to renew my non O visa at Thai Immigration last week, I was asked to prove I had a military pension. Very difficult when my annual statement comes from Equiniti (government agency) and my bank statement shows an obscure code for the payments in. In the end, I took copies of old photos of me in uniform!!! It would certainly help if the Embassy were to provide statements for government pensions which they can easily validate. Not hopeful though. In fact not hopeful the Embassy will do anything useful for British expats living here. And I’m happy for Thai Visa to pass that comment on together with my name, should they wish to contact me. Rather than embark on a pointless public relations’ exercise, they’d be better off staying in their offices doing something actually helpful.
  2. I asked my MP the same question. He gave me the same answer as per the gov.uk website. I don’t think this is anything the Embassy has control of
  3. I’m in the same boat. State + RAF pensions. When recently renewing my non O visa (retirement) I was asked to prove receipt of the military pension. Impossible when my annual statement comes from Equiniti (government agency) and monthly payments into the bank have some meaningless code. On the third visit, I took along copies of old photos of me in uniform, which seemed to serve, as I did eventually get my visa. So much simpler if the Embassy would continue to endorse income for those receiving pensions from government sources - which they should easily be able to validate.
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