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  1. No no no...see you got it all wrong mate....Just like last time, the polls should be trusted...those guys know how to ask questions and how to use calculators to add up. No worries, Biden has it in the bag. I FULLY trust mainstream media to give me the REAL NEWS!
  2. I mean...come on, are you actually being serious? If you are......BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ole Joe looks like an honest man, perhaps because he genuinely has no recollection of his past corruption. I find it hilarious that he and Trump are the best the US has to offer. I will simply look on with interest. I must admit though, if Trump wins again the meltdowns will be even more entertaining than last time round.
  3. Ok....lets see how it pans out. I think they are both morons...but anyway.
  4. Yeah...because when I think of Texas, I think 'Biden' and the Democrats.....Give me strength...even a non Yank such as myself knows better than this silly headline.
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