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  1. I have a good idea....why dont we ask Neil Ferguson to get his magic calculator again, and fill us all in on what a 'second wave' will look like.
  2. Dr Fauci..... If we open too fast people are going to die.... If we leave it too long....people are going to die....... Who would like to also punch that Neil Ferguson? I would like to roll up that paper he printed off, probably at his mistresses place (while cucked hubby looked on longingly)....you know, the one where millions die......and shove it where the sun dont shine!
  3. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/22/dr-anthony-fauci-says-staying-closed-for-too-long-could-cause-irreparable-damage.html
  4. I grow weary of the flip flopping of this whole thing....masks no.....masks...yes......surface transmission significant......surface transmission not significant....lockdown needed till vaccine....vaccine not likely for 18 months if ever...... https://www.businessinsider.com/anthony-fauci-irreparable-damage-stay-at-home-too-long-2020-5
  5. ....and with a 'novel' virus that they say yet has no reliable treatments .or a vaccine, a strong immune system of which vitamin D plays a crucial role.....need I go on sunshine? Lets all just hide in our basements till the first EVER vaccine for a coronavirus becomes available. Now THAT could be quackery !
  6. EXACTLY!!!! This thing was floating around in Thailand totally unrestricted till the 'soft' lockdown. I would hazard a guess its been here longer than most other countries.......November last year??? Before? Possible.
  7. Are you really that dumb? I want to know. Perhaps when the bread runs out they can all just eat cake.
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