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  1. An SU07/12 is usually only required in settlement applications for adult dependent relatives.
  2. count balanc I don't think the words adequate funds are used. You have to demonstrate that the trip is affordable. Bank statements are not needed for a visit visa. For my (now) wife's visit visas I showed them my the account balances from a couple of my personal and business accounts to show the trip was affordable. Basically printed screenshots from my online bank accounts showing the name and address of the bank and also my name at the top of the account. The money needed would be very different if your GF was staying with you at your house or traveling around the UK staying in 5 star hotels.
  3. Ditto to what pr9spk has said. I would make a backup and send it by EMS. If you run into problems you have the backup.
  4. Bearing in mind that Brewsterbudgen has said that he is involved with IELTS testing in Bangkok you can assume that he knows that the candidates are rated independently. Sheesh.
  5. You didn't mention the age of her daughter but on salaried employment you need to add £3,800 onto the £18,600 for a dependent child. One thing I couldn't find was if the savings requirement goes up above the £62,500, if a dependent child is involved. Wiser heads will no doubt come along and answer the question if it needs answering.
  6. Were you relying on savings or your salary to fulfill the financial requirement. If you were using savings, why would they need your P60s? If you were relying on savings how much did you show them that you have in savings and what type of account etc do you keep it? If you were relying on your salary how much did you show you earn? The best thing to do is to post your refusal notice with personal details redacted so we can take a look. I've gone back to your original post and if you did submit on the 26th July 2018, why did you ask for an update on the 12th January 2019? That was 171 days after the application was submitted. Way past the 120 days they typical take.
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