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  1. Using my eyes and ears and having common sense is the main trick. The figures show nothing about the use of police resources, the NHS, the sheer amount of translators that are needed for the Government departments, housing. I could go on but I have work to do. That is 100% the truth. The NIMBYs of this world and there are many are the first to shout that we should allow as many people in that want to come here. I work in hotels all over the country and at many, many hotels you are unlikely to hear an English accent. Go to Swindon and you won’t hear anything else. Walk down my High Street and you are unlikely to hear an English accent. Maybe 1 in 10 people.
  2. It's called living life where I live and experience. Something you don't have a lot of yet.
  3. rasg

    FLR (M) Timing of Application.

    I answered your question on the other forum.
  4. Personally guaranteeing that somebody will return means absolutely nothing in a visa application. There is a big difference between the two visa applications you mentioned. One fulfilled the criteria. The other didn't. You can have a government job, own condo etc etc but if you put a poorly prepared application into UKVI there will be a refusal. Prepare the application properly, fulfill the three main criteria and tell the truth and the visa will be granted. With a sponsor, prove the relationship, have enough money to pay for the trip and show that the applicant will return to Thailand. That is pretty much it.
  5. I know of many Poles who live fairly close to me who live six to ten to a house. Many of them earn mimimum wage or less but as they are in the EU they claim help for rent, money for their kids. They used to get it and send it back to Poland. A lot work in the building trade paying no tax at all. My neighbour had an extension built a couple of years ago. A team of eight. One Brit, one Pole who could speak English and the rest, Poles with no English. I know of at last half a dozen Thais whose visas have run out a long time ago and they work with family in the black economy. A local shop to me that sold many, many asian ingredients, prawns, fish and meat was raided a few months ago and three quarters of the staff were found to not have visas to work or be here. I think it's a £10K fine for each of them.
  6. There are many facts to back that up. You just choose to believe the bilge that they spout. Many who do come here end up on minimum wage or in the black economy and take far more out of the system than they put in. They have more kids and put a lot of strain on systems that are fit to burst. The police, education, the NHS, the roads. Pretty much everything and I'm not specifically referring to your wife or mine.
  7. For the simple reason that people will end up claiming from the government fraudulently if they don't have enough money to live on and who loses out? The tax payer, as always ends up footing the bill one way or another. I'm not saying the system is perfect. It's not.
  8. Self employed do count but you need £18,600 before tax is deducted. The self employed have all sorts of allowances that are all taken into account before your income is taxed and I would think that the guy in the story has a turnover above £18,600 but he will be able to claim for a van (100% tax deductable), fuel if he uses it for his business and many other allowances. There has to be a threshold and I think £18,600 is probably on the low side for a couple who will need to spend £8000 plus on visa fees, travel etc etc over five years. I think it's around £2400 extra if they have a child. Really? Somebody needs to tell me if they have a baby that it costs less than £50 a week to look after.