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  1. Don't the politicians understand what they are doing? Parliament has been divided over the EU for decades. To settle the matter once and for all Parliament voted to hand the decision to the people. We had an informed, fiercely debated campaign, with the largest voting turnout in our history, followed by a decisive referendum result. From the campaign it had been clearly understood that Britain was to take back sovereign control of its laws, its money and its borders. It had been clearly explained by both sides of the argument that 'a vote to leave is a vote to leave the single market'. Parliament then voted to trigger the article 50 process with a fixed 2 year time line after which we would leave. We hoped for a deal, as the Brexit Secretary said, a Canada + deal, but clearly there was no guarantee as it partly depended on the attitude of the EU. Yet still, for 3 years Members of Parliament, including members of the Government itself, have consistently undermined any attempt to properly leave. Don't the Politicians understand that if they stop Brexit they will destroy the democratic process in this country. Then what? Have they thought to a future without trust and belief in the democratic process?
  2. Whilst MP's are expected to use their own judgement, voting against manifesto promises is not what voters expect. The manifests of both Labour and Conservative parties included a commitment to 'Respect' the 2016 referendum result, to leave the EU. Overwhelmingly most MP's voted to trigger 'Article 50' to enable that to happen. Too many Remain voting MP's have voted and continue to want to vote to force the UK to stay in the EU, which was contrary to their manifesto promise to respect the referendum result and ensure we leave the EU. Some democracy eh?
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