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  1. I used this link as suggested - even more "Eerie", it's showing one hour ahead of Thai time ( I am logged in to a Singapore VPN 13.30 ), so why does my laptop show one hour behind - 12.30 ? Glad I don't live in Russia ! https://time.is/
  2. If a child behaves in this way - stroppy - what word would be the 'polite' form to use ?
  3. Nice quote. I make calendars each year, each one different depending on their interests, for family in UK and friends, used this quote last year.
  4. Thanks KhunBENQ. Only have a cheepo phone, don't have enough use or people to contact daily by phone.
  5. Thanks for the reply johng. How do I go about resetting my laptop clock
  6. For those who are at risk of having Parkinson's some breaking news from the BBC Radio today 20 / 21 March 2019. BBC Radio quote- "A Scottish woman who astonished doctors with her ability to detect Parkinson's disease through smell has helped scientists find what causes the odour. Researchers in Manchester said they had identified the molecules on the skin linked to the smell and hope it could lead to early detection. The study was inspired by Joy Milne, a 68-year-old retired nurse from Perth. She first noticed the "musky" smell on her husband Les, who was years later diagnosed with Parkinson's disease." https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-47627179 It is well known that certain conditions have a smell, a smell that we may recognize e.g. a common cold or a smell that others may recognize e.g.stomach complaint. I had Parkinson's in the past, perhaps I might have recognized the condition earlier if I knew about the "smell" rather than not knowing until the physical symptoms appeared. I say 'had the condition' as it has all but gone, perhaps it is similar to diabetes that can be controlled ( or even stopped ) by ones self by changing aspects of our lifestyle.
  7. My phone always shows 4 minutes ahead of my laptop. Is there a technical reason for this ? I live 50km south of Khon Kaen. Does it worry me ? - at my age "No !".
  8. In the early weeks of Winter when winds are ideal for flying kites you can hear what sounds like some form of computer generated electronic or Moog music. Sometimes these kites are left to fly all night, they can ound almost next door or at some distance, loud enough to keep you awake if you have woken up. There are numerous bird calls, even crows make loud calls when flying in the early morning. Tokay lizards can make loud calls but they often sound like a clock unwinding.
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