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  1. When did he first come here ? What about bank account for Visa ? Retirement amount is 20k GBP. If he has a bank account with deposit for visa can't he use that to return to UK ? I do sympathise with him and his family but ....
  2. Excellent point "happylarry". I am not married to a Thai but I understand it would be easier for a Will to be accepted in both languages as an English daughter would probably come here on my death.
  3. I understand that two witnesses are required for Thailand that may be difficult to find. The Will itself is fairly straightforward, the banks can be a bit of a pain though I understand.
  4. I have tried using the original download of LINE for laptop and the updated form, for both I now have to reinstall before QR code works. I use Whatsapp to contact family in UK. LINE is much easier to copy pictures I have been sent to my laptop but they do have a limit on number of days before downloading is blocked. Thanks to all who replied.
  5. I wrote my Will many years ago at a time when one witness signature was enough in the UK. Times have changed. I now need to write up a simple Will that is acceptable for both Thailand and the UK. I own no property i.e. land or house in Thailand. Could someone suggest a good solicitor in Khon Kaen ?
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