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  1. Thanks Sheryl for your comments. As far as I understand as I am classed as non-resident in the UK for govt. pension ( meaning I get no annual increase in my pension ) I assume I will need to wait 3 months for free NHS treatment should I return to the UK. I have a daughter there who waited 18 months to see if she had a serious and life threatening condition - that was before COVID. Some years ago I spent 6 months there during which time I suffered a very bad TIA, the property I lived in had an emergency pull cord, I was contacted within a few minutes by a local warden but it took ov
  2. I spent 10 years working here with much of that as a company employee rather than an "external consultant". I have continued to live here after retiring for most of the past 10 years. Does what you say above mean I am allowed to get continued health insurance here for 432 baht a month ?
  3. Can Himalayan Pink or Black salt help ? I have been vegan for many years and started to use Himalayan salt instead of sea salt some years ago. I try to cook all my food, simple dishes and no chili. My skin has always been good, but my nails a bit bendy, now my nails are fine and need cutting every 2 weeks. Good luck to all of you trying to find a suitable treatment.
  4. Thanks again, for now I have download Firefox without the bells and whistles, is working ok for now. I used to use Torch many years ago was very good, now is trying to put many addons so I have deleted it, wont use again.
  5. I use my own voice to whistle to the dogs I take for a walk in the fields everyday, it takes but a short time for them to learn the meanings of the calls. As for other dogs they often don't like the sound. Also when they see my dogs grouping to a whistle call they often move away.
  6. Will do, I will wait until the biopsy reports are back and in the meantime consult the Heart Center doctors in Khon Kaen about having a pacemaker fitted.
  7. Tried it years ago may be worth a try again. Have used Torchbrowser in the past for many years seemed to work well then but not sure how safe it is now.
  8. Thanks farang51 for your warning. I finally deleted every file I could find relating to Mozilla or Firefox ( not worried about losing user names etc. Will try loading basic Firefox again without the added apps and see what happens.
  9. Thanks bendejo for your suggestion. I am not a techie but followed the C Users as far as Roaming but no folders for Mozilla. ( Sorry don't know how to show reverse hash sign after C ). I deleted as much as I could find relating to Mozilla or Firefox. If I remember Firefox was pre-installed when I bought the Acer laptop. Had no problem for about 3 years then Firefox began not fully loading and still the same now. It used to work well. Will try and download the basic Firefox without all the added programs, e.g. it changed my video app from VLC to something else. Will come bac
  10. It started when Firefox would not load properly and having to close and retry, eventually it stopped loading altogether. I deleted anything I could find related to Firefox ( I am not a techie so probably missed things ). I installed again, still having same problems. Any ideas and yes I have tried Brave but find it strange to work with ?
  11. Have had the same sad position with a Thai Alsatian male dog. Such dogs have a genetic susceptibility to this debilitating disease. Our friend had early symptoms with the hind legs crossing, then loss of back legs and finally total immobility. He tried to go for walks but eventually could no longer stand, his condition deteriorating rapidly within a few days. It was about 7 months from the first stages to a sudden deterioration. The dog, when it nears the last stages often goes in to sudden toxic shock caused by acute kidney failure. In our area there is a wonderful young vet
  12. Thanks Sheryl, sorry not to respond sooner but was in hospital.. Had exercise Stress Test and failed, lasted 1.41 minutes. Had sinus rhythm with complete AV block at 30-40bpm. No sign of valvular disease ( trace MK and TR ). No pulmonary hypertension, no pericardial effusion. Normal biventricular size etc. Excellent doctor who placed wire ( easy going easy to talk with ) and has advised me most strongly to get a permanent pacemaker fitted asap. This would be done at the Queens Hospital in Khon Kaen, so i am told. Had temporary pacemaker fitted in morning and bladder biopsy
  13. Sprays may work e.g. pepper but it is of no use if the wind is blowing the wrong way, i.e. towards you. How about a dog whistle, the ones used when rounding up livestock ?
  14. Has anyone had a temporary pacemaker fitted to allow for an operation to go ahead ? If yes, any problems or issues ? My situation is that I have a very low general heart rate (and, urgently need a biopsy and tissue removal on a possible / probable bladder tumour. From what I understand the temp pacemaker will be fitted shortly prior to the bladder op then removed. ICU is one day / night with 2 further days in private room. The intention is to consider a permanent pacemaker fittet once biopsy results are back. No doubt some who may reply may wish to ask why not
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