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  1. Finding using a laptop screen difficult. Am having problems with my eyesight, cause known. I use glasses but my sight varies throughout the day. Current Acer laptop screen is 15 inch. Not sure what the word is but cannot use outside in daylight as it reflects light and difficult to see anything. Tried different glasses and background / foreground light still not clear enough. I have tried adjusting screen size but loose too much text. Have tried adjusting brightness still not enough clarity. I mainly use at a desk. I don't have / need a TV. Can anyone suggest a good screen and size, and approximate price ? Nothing too big as I would still like to use it at my desk. Where would be the best place to buy in Khon Kaen ?
  2. I live 50km south of Khon Kaen. There seems to be a micro climate in this area. The previous 3 years before last Winter, were becoming colder by about 2C, more dry and windy. The wind out of the east from China's deserts. Last year the Winter was warm in comparison. Here there was a drop in temperature and a more cooler wind 2 or 3 days before the floods hit. Now the weather is all over the place. Wild life has changed this year too. Measured temps and RH in a large farm in a desert area in Saudi for 6 years back in the 80's, the farm was 6km in a straight line from the Red Sea. Both temps and rh went up by about 2C and 5% RH the later especially noticeable at high tides on the full moon as the farm was below sea level. Temps in the range 50 - 60C were more common.
  3. Can't find anything about using laptop ( my end ) to Smart phone in UK. The links only mention "landlines". Is an internet line classed as a landline ?
  4. Is this phone to phone ? I don't have a Smart phone. I understand it is expensive if it is laptop ( what I have ) and phone which my daughter has.
  5. Is this phone to phone ? I don't have a Smart phone. I understand it is expensive if it is laptop ( what I have ) and phone which my daughter has.
  6. I have worked freelance since the 1980's. I used to travel monthly to ASPAC, Australia and China when I was based for a few years in the UK in the 1990's. No Smart phones available then so any reports were sent via a simple wiring in to a hotels phone line and zoom of the info went before the line realised what was happening. Can't remember what the system was called. Later I moved to Thailand as it allowed easier travel within the area before finally retiring. I am in my 70's now and I have no need as such for a Smart phone and calling my daughters would not be a regular thing. News, music, video, LINE etc. I use my laptop.
  7. Many thanks for the info. My internet is free this end. I understand that SKY charges in UK are very expensive for phone use. Will pass on your info to my daughter so that she can check rates.
  8. Many thanks for your reply. Will pass on to my daughters. My internet is free this end. Will try to find out what Skype charges. I have used LINE to UK, no charge this end and the receiver said there was no or very little charge their end as they didn't notice it on any billing.
  9. Can I use my laptop to Skype to a Smart phone in the UK ? I don't own a Smart phone. I tried in the past and my daughter got a very high phone charge. She was using a SKY package. I have been told that I need to make the initial call but, even when I did that my daughters phone bill was high or there was no connection. WhatsAp needs an additional program Bluestacks when using a laptop and I couldn't get it to work. Another daughter tried LINE but said it was too big a program for her phone.
  10. Can't comment on True now but many years ago they used to go via Vietnam and internet speeds were bad or kept breaking. I went to a True help centre in Bangkok and complained as, in their bumph if I remember correctly, they said that they never farmed-out their lines. Despite showing them some speed tests they still denied so I quit using them. Here locally where I live now in Isaan True has a poor reputation especially when installing equipment. Sorry if I have used incorrect terminology.
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