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  1. Any season wear cotton clothes to help reduce static and generally feel cooler. All animals - wildlife / farmed etc., including man are affected by weather, season.
  2. A lockdown does'nt really mean quarantine as the onus is on the person / establishment in which they were staying to ensure that the person concerned was self isolating. How many will actually stay in one place for 2 weeks, especially when hankering ( for whatever reason ) to get back to Thailand ? They could have been self isolated then on day 15 go out and about. Will they have a medical certificate to show they are Covid free, will they be temperature checked before boarding the aircraft ? When they arrive at the Thai airport will each group of arrivals be separated from other arrivals and "Go directly to quarantine" - a REAL quarantine facility ? And how tight are quarantine facilities here ?
  3. Where I live south of Khon Kaen there seems to be no air in the air, if you can understand this. There is blue sky, some clouds, a breeze, 40C but when you breathe in where is the oxygen ?
  4. The links below give some useful information along with pictures regarding skin conditions and specific allergic responses to MSG. Perhaps someone can recommend a dermatologist. https://www.healthline.com/health/rashes#causes https://www.jolieeskin.com/blogs/news/16129812-msg-sensitivity-symptoms
  5. Thanks colinneil. Just looking for something simple that I could take from lounge to bedroom or bathroom. The area around my house ( but not my house ) flooded last September, 2 metre high just 200 metres away and power was off for 3 days. The emergency light I had was fine except the battery didn't last. Will see if I can cadge a lift to Global.
  6. Take your own pen. Some stores at KK Central restricted number of people entering at any one time, you were given a number and when someone came out you could go in as you entered, you were given a token which you returned when you left the shop - that too a health risk.
  7. Batteries not available, unfortunately.
  8. Does anyone know where in Khon Kaen I can get down pillows professionally cleaned ?
  9. Central Khon Kaen has the same or if you have a Smart phone you can download the funny box with squiggles to register your visit, this was at restaurants and shops. I don't have a Smart phone so write my name and contact number. Use local train to KK and have to fill in questionnaire at departing station and another for the return journey, although this is getting more lax now compared to 2 weeks ago.
  10. The power outages in the area I live in have increased year on year, sometimes you hear a transformer blow. The repair service seem to respond fairy quickly so for that I am grateful. I live in a smallish house, one of 5 in a locally owned compound, longtime owners live in one of the houses. I would like to buy an emergency light for the lounge ( night time ) that comes on if there is a loss of power. I had one before but battery failed after a year. Can anyone recommend a good brand and where to buy, the nearest town to me is Khon Kaen, price not important reliability is ?
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