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  1. OP - Wow! thanks for all the responses will try them all and get back to you
  2. I would like to move photos from my phone and save on my laptop, so that I can attach them to either a LINE or Whatsapp message at a later date. I have both messaging apps on both laptop and phone. I did try an app ( can't remember which one ), it had many different steps and it moved some photos only and a lot of png images. Saving images someone has sent to me is fine although not as easy with Whatsapp as it is with LINE. Can anyone provide a simple step by step as how to move pictures from phone to laptop please ?
  3. I did my form at the local police station in Banphai south of Khon Kaen, the document had to be signed by the head of the station ( police regulations ). They also included a hand written letter from the police station stating they understood the reason for the form ( the stations requirement ). They also confirmed having seen my passport. It is the second time I had to complete this form ( no no error it was for 2 different years ). No problems at all with the police, had a good chat in English and Thai and made friends for the future. Gave them cartons of soy milk and fruit juice
  4. Me too, I do every couple of days on the floor full body stretch, found this helps with balance as well as cramps. I do other simple yoga floor exercises as well for general body health, in my 70's it has made a great difference to flexibility. For the balance I see if the part where I arm stretch over my head have both back of the hands touching the floor at the same time.
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