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  1. I live out of town my nearest big post office would be Khon Kaen 50km away. My typo error should have read EACH card would cost 880 baht ( not all 5 ). What do you think the reason is ???
  2. OP - Things change by the hour EACH card would have cost 880 baht, my error not 880 baht for all 5.
  3. I had hoped to send Christmas / New Year cards to family in UK today Thursday 26th November. At the counter I was told that there is no normal postal service to the UK only SMS. Five cards by normal post would cost about 150 baht or less, to send SMS cost 880 baht. I declined the offer. I put a parcel SMS to UK on Saturday 14th November ( told it would take about 2 weeks depending on UK end ). I checked today at the post office and the parcel was put on a flight on 15th as yet there is no confirmation from UK end. Earlier this year I sent a parcel DHL, cost about 6000
  4. I have lived here ( about 50km south of Khon Kaen ) for some years. This time of year this year I have never seen the sky so clear. I live in place with fields around. Every evening from dusk until the next morning there are so many stars and planets ( much larger than the stars ). Orion's belt ? was so so clear, amazing ! Other lights seem to be following the moon. Can any give simple info as to what is in the sky this time of year ?
  5. Don't forget you also need a good internet provider at both ends. What I find confusing as an "at last" Smart phone user is the differences on the conversation in both forms, voice and message. I have Whatsapp and LINE on my laptop and phone. I have Skype on my laptop but only used a few times in the past for contacting family in UK. My children in UK have both Whatsapp and LINE.
  6. Not that I know of, it's only food stuffs, household consumables.
  7. I use a back back in which I always carry 2 plastic bags. People in my local market or shops know me so don't offer bags. There is a K-mart near where I live, mostly for multiple purchases, they offer you a box ( don't know if this gets recycled or burnt after use ), you can buy a bag or a larger bag ( these of course are made from plastic ). To help stop plastic bags littering the local fields etc. it would help if more rubbish bins were provided by the local govt, the rubbish collectors do a good job of emptying what bins there are but they have already often overflowed.
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