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  1. Best thing , stay off the roads
  2. Soon you speaking Chinese, then you will beg USA to come back, be careful what you wish for....
  3. Greed and girls just live on ladydrinks, no need boom boom
  4. You are blocked, except Brits talking crap about Yanks, then it’s ok
  5. You can do same at TT on 2nd road main office
  6. Silk Road for China and we get Asphalt, Ridiculous , Soon Asia will become China...
  7. Just go buy a case of beer and sit in your room, <deleted> it’s not the end of the World
  8. I can tell you right , Now his answer will be Duhhhhhh, he hasn’t a clue , what he’s doing
  9. That sticker on motorbike gave my gf 30,000b to spend at BKK Hospital after an accident, Nice
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