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  1. I should hope so 30 out of 400 yesterday coming back with fevers , obviously just putting in a plane with no checks
  2. Off target Geezus , secret War , Secret Bombing Vientienne was CIA spook City Russian , E German , ofc Target my god open a book
  3. I don’t think anyone could take USA on land in USA Guerrilla tactics like American Revolution
  4. Plenty of ordinance dropped in Laos and Cambo during Vietnam War too close to China they could grab hostages , Never Trust China
  5. Never trust anybody in Thailand, especially a Dutch guy with Italian first name , he called police on me and tried to get me blacklisted in Thailand, it didn’t work , I want to SUE , also , I don’t want any Farang friends in Thailand always broke or scamming 3 years , I paid him in one year 140,000 for a 90,000 Bank I got stuck with finance fees of 3 years not part of deal , his first name start with S. Still no papers his Exgf is still asking for 10,000b and transfer fee, happened in Isaan , so if I don’t smile at you , you know why Beware if Fake Friends who are poor and always borrowing from you and stick you with dinners bills everytime Lowlifes
  6. Jack stands maybe , maybe doesn’t want flat spots on tires who knows
  7. Tracking Smacking who cares , what are people hiding , you think they have time to-hunt 69 million people Big Deal, -if in the West I would be nervous , Crybabies , you want to get Mad Boycott China
  8. We did it yesterday, who are we to challenge Authority it’s the rules , in Thailand , this was Foodland we can eat together at home , Big deal , do what your told and over soon , quit feeding the cops fines
  9. They drink all over Tree Town in the evening near Bukao sitting in the dark , like ghouls
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