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  1. Who touches those items , I sure as hell don’t...I use a key or hotel room card for elevator buttons, nobody washed their hands in the toilets, or just run under cold water and drip dry, straight from toilet to out the door, Terminal21 21 in Korat have posted signs on proper hand washing , Pathetic
  2. Better yo give them a salary instead of being nickel and dimes everyday, you are more in control, tell them you have money, buy it if you like it
  3. I sent my gf , 8,000 a month for 6 years and she was still able to gamble, 100,000, you will create a monster, This was in Korat, now I give her 3,000 a week, plenty for her and son and nephew she lives at home, child is in top of his class, he’s 11, if you have money to throw around, throw it, I do but I’m keenyow, she’s a gambler, I don’t feed gamblers
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