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  1. I want to share my experience at Chiangmai Immigration while submitting my documents for my forth “Extension to stay based on marriage” My wife and myself are very professional for document procedures and processing in our own fields but that didn’t prepare us for the unprofessionalism of the ever changing Thai Immigration system in Chiangmai. Firstly my wife contacted the Thai Immigration call centre who are supposed to be the fountain of all knowledge with regards to Thai Immigration documents, procedures and processes; we made a check list based on the information received and we spent the weekend making sure we had all the documents, photos and financial reports. On Monday we decided to do a “Dry run” and have our documents checked before the formal application on Tuesday and that didn’t go so well; bring the originals and a copy of everything as instructed turned out to be the original documents and TWO copies of everything including TWO copies of each photo; back to our home office to make another set of everything. On Tuesday I had made an appointment with my SCB Bank Manager to get my financial reports and TWO copies at 08:00Hrs before getting my queue number at 08:45Hrs being number F12 for counter 10 and there the wait started. . . . . . . . . . . . . . and waited. Five hours later our number was called and the document checking procedure started, the Immigration Officer spoke acceptable English which helped; the first issue I had to re-sign all the documents in a BLUE pen as BLACK isn’t acceptable and then she copied a selection of documents, I highlighted the fact that unless you use a high quality COLOUR photocopier the end result will be a BLACK signature as it started off with. The Immigration Officer questioned my wife with regards to her job and when told that she works Monday to Friday in the SCB Head Office Bangkok city the reply was “No No you have to stay in the same place” at this point I was lost in the conversation as my Thai isn’t good enough but I get the feeling my wife made her thoughts on this subject very clear and when it came to my wife’s salary level the reply when something like “Nothing to do with you and not a required declaration” After sitting at the Immigration Officers desk for approximately thirty five minutes I am “Under consideration” until the 15th of March. Nice new Immigration office the same crappy long winded procedure.
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