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  1. It has worked beautifully for me throughout the whole of my adult life. Good-to-booming economy most of the time, and cultural enrichment from large migrant intakes and from comfortably-off Aussies travelling the globe. Government debt has been low till the current pandemic when the federal government has pumped cash enthusiastically into the economy. Predictions are that it will take decades to pay off. Personally I doubt it. More boom times to follow as immigration, foreign uni students and the mining industry pick up (the latter already going strong). And - contrary to the public image - a number of booming high-tech & service industries, including small naval vessels exported to the US from W.A. and Atlassian software that has turned its 2 young developers into multi-billionaires.
  2. Can't help noticing - not that it concerns me personally - that the very first 'guideline' above says "Open only one entrance". Which - on the whole - does seem a bit limiting.
  3. Wow! Life in Usofa is so exciting. Conspiracies everywhere, and so clever!
  4. Here in south Surin we have had lovely rains for the last 4 days - downpours & drizzle & everything in between. I can see our trees & shrubs grinning with delight and growing apace. And the weeds even more.
  5. Maximum flexibility (ie plan no further ahead than the week after next) + enjoy 2020 day-to-day.
  6. The basic rule in Thailand is: Never eat any freshwater fish uncooked.
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