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  1. As for dentistry, well, a cap here costs half or 1/3 of the price in Oz. And well done too. The dental clinics in BKK are large & the dentists can therefore specialize, so you get a more professional approach than you would get in your usual one-person suburban dental clinic in Oz. That has been my consistent experience now over the last 5 or 6 years.
  2. Isn't that precisely why old people - and the middle-aged - need to look after themselves better?
  3. Never mind. I'm sure it's all going to be wonderful. As the ship goes down, the people will be assembled in their serried ranks on the foredeck, singing 'Land of Hope 'n Glory'. Oh dear, I have tears in my eyes already.
  4. If I hadn't been told otherwise I would have thought he was Thai!
  5. Whether or not you're doing it on a weekly basis or an occasional holiday basis, your driving in or out of BKK needs to be counter-cyclical. Unless you enjoy the heat, the fumes & the frustration ...
  6. Constant mentioning of his Canadianess doesn't exactly reassure one as to the rationality of his Brexiter critics ... Xenophobia, anyone?
  7. Yes, I think most low-cost airlines are the same everywhere. Damned annoying till you get used to it but.
  8. Well, certainly, Kenneth Williams would have been very helpful beachside.
  9. 2 glasses of a rather nice Aussie red. Can't quite remember what it was (but twice the price of what it would have been there).
  10. Wow, the Kremlin will be trembling & returning the troops to barracks. Trump & Pompeo are on their way! Oh no!
  11. It would be nice to think that the voting against any military or military-associated party would be so overwhelming that even THEY would feel obliged to return (permanently) to barracks. Well, I'm allowed to dream, aren't I?
  12. Engineering students, waddya expect? (Same in Oz - beer drinking competitions ... )
  13. Wish I was there. I could have helped. Perhaps given them a rubdown afterwards.
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