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  1. Thanks for this detailed information and explanation. Makes sense what you say. I don't want to argue with your timeline or reasoning. Just some thoughts added: 1. Living at Mega Bangna it seems they wanna built a huge little own city there. That being said I wouldn't wonder if Mega Bangna itself helps to shorten the timeline you mentioned. I really wouldn't wonder. 2. The traffic from Mega Bangna till Udom Suk (and from Udom Suk inside the city I don't even have to mention that) is super packed. In rush hours you stay nearly 30-60 minutes till you reach Udom Suk. I am not sure if that is not needed as you explained. I feel there is a lot of traffic coming from up here. 3. Condos being built here are advertising with this BTS line already. Not saying they know better, but I don't know if they really lie to their customers and if they really say it takes 5 years. Again just an indication that I believe in a shorter timeframe. 4. Wondering how independent Samut Prakan is from Bangkok regarding Budget. But again I live here only 3 years so I am not the most knowledgeable guy. Saw the stuff at Udom Suk yes. So from my perspective it is all prepared to built (if they have the budget and resources of course). Again just my thoughts to this and some hope that it will be started to built in 1 year from now or so. But most probably if we both meet up here in 2023 at Thaivisa your prediction will be right.
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