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  1. The reason that Thailand immigration, or the immigration authority of any country, and an airline generally send one back to one's "home country" is because one is guaranteed entry into one's home (passport) country For example, if one tries to enter Thailand, or any country, by air and one is denied, the airline isn't likely to go along with allowing one to go to, for example, Vietnam, because, unless one planned to visit Vietnam and has a visa, Vietnam would deny entry and the airline would be in the same position as it was when one was denied entry to Thailand. Now if one holds a visa which allows residency in another country, for example, a Philippines Special Resident Retiree Visa (SRRV), one could likely convince the airline to allow one to buy a ticket to Manila because an SRRV holder is not very likely to be denied entry. Or, likely simpler and less expensive for most folks, is to get a visa for a neighboring country prior to leaving one's home country; not terribly expensive and having that would give one a chance to convince an airline to allow one to buy a ticket for that country rather than having to go to the greater expense and long flight of going back home. At the end of the day, airlines don't want the uncertainty of shuttling a passenger to-and-fro trying to find a country that will allow them to enter - just ship him back home and be done with him
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