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  1. I installed this new version last week and all is OK but I read today that MS has now put this upgrade on hold until they iron out some issues.
  2. This often happens to me with Lazada, and I use Lazada very often, at least once a week. It won't accept ANY of my credit cards, whether they are from Thailand (SCB, Citi) or US (Citi). Other times, any of those cards work with Lazada. I've never had problems with any other websites. The credit cards are in excellent standing at all times. For me, it's a Lazada issue.
  3. I use MyTuner app by mytuner. It has apps for Android, Apple, and PCs. Its ad supported but for about 100 baht or so, you can get rid of the ads. It has 1000s of radio stations world-wide, including many in Thailand. (I sometimes like to listen to MET 107 out of Bangkok.) SOme of the radio stations are very focused, such as Christmas music stations that broadcast year round. I also have Amazon Prime Unlimited, but prefer Mytuner because of the radio stations available.
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