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  1. Don't forget that prior to 1993 there were customs checks within the EU. Remember Customs Carnets? In the late 80's I had to drive a lot between UK and Germany, carrying scientific equipment for test work. Customs were a real pain in the backside and often delayed us. One time a customs officer in Dover wouldn't let us through because he said there was a typing error on the form. BS of course. Had to slip him £10 to get through. Had another one try the same trick and we refused to pay but he held us up for several hours. Those guys were making a fortune back then.
  2. Boris will spend tomorrow organising for the DUP to be paid off in return for their support. £Billions more going into Northern Ireland.
  3. I am early retired but over 50. Married to a Thai. Currently spend about 6 months of the year on ME Non-O (which is no longer available in UK). We were planning to stay full time in Thailand from next year, but maybe postpone that and keep at 6 months. My policy is always to invest as little as possible in Thailand. I really don't want to donate 800/400k THB to Thailand. Nor do I trust the conditions of the Elite visa to remain unchanged over the long term. So for my 6 months I'll keep 'playing by ear' maybe try ME Non-O from Laos next time and if that goes then VE and/or TV's. Won't be spending any serious money till I'm really forced to because things are too unstable.
  4. It is not an E-Visa (Electronic Visa). Its a visa application submitted online. With a real E-Visa you complete an online form, upload a photo, and a short time later receive a visa approval document which you show on arrival. At that point you get the visa in your passport.
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