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  1. I had some plastering done a couple of years ago back in the UK. Given the hourly rates I was quoted I'm surprised this man needs GoFundMe - he must have blown a lot of money somewhere...
  2. In Europe Toyota have been specifying 0W20 oils since the early part of the last decade. A major factor is the need for better fuel economy. Also, it’s not just the viscosity but also the additive package that the oil has…When you buy 0W-20, you are getting a 100% synthetic that meets all kinds of other specifications related to anti-sludging and long drain intervals…Consumers understand “Use Toyota 0W-20 oil” much better than they understand "use a lubricant meeting Toyota specification TMCLS/6638LV/389". An old 10W30 mineral oil operated under hard conditions will not hold up as well as a synthetic or conventional oil with synthetic additives in a 5W20 or 0W20 oil. These newer oils lubricate better under extreme conditions than older oils, even with higher viscosity ratings. For an older car with some engine wear there may be an advantage in going to a blend with a heavier base oil such as a 10W which will hold a thicker film. This will help reduce oil consumption. E.g. 10W30 or 10W40 in an older high-mileage vehicle.
  3. So the UK wants 'highly skilled' immigrants like engineers and IT specialists who can speak English? GOOD NEWS - India and Pakistan produce these graduates in vast numbers (1.5 million engineering graduates a year in India). Even better news - most cannot find employment in their own countries (80% of engineers unemployed in India) and are immediately available to take up positions in the UK.... https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/featurephilia/story/80-engineers-are-unemployed-how-can-we-prepare-engineers-for-the-jobs-of-tomorrow-1468240-2019-03-01
  4. So only for foreign nationals and not UK passport holders then? (.....thinking about expat NHS use, state pension uplift etc...)
  5. My wife and I split our time between UK and Thailand. I am retired but my wife still does some part time work in the UK. She has a Thai passport and a UK spouse visa and residence card. On our latest visit to TH she has had to return to the UK alone, before me, to go to work. Her English is not too good and she also gets flustered by officials. On arrival at UK immigration she must have aroused suspicion and was taken away for questioning. She was asked when she had left the UK - she panicked and gave the wrong departure date. The immigration officer was then able to tell her the exact flight she'd left on. Anyway, after a few more questions she was allowed on her way. I always thought UK immigration database didn't hold departure information? Looks like this has changed.
  6. My 3BB VSDL in Pratamnak has been around 50mbps for the past year (although labelled as a 30mbps package).
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