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  1. Then I suppose prices have further to fall.
  2. There was no studio in my linked listings. Nor were there views of burning rice fields. I had a beautiful, sweeping, unobstructed Doi Suthep view over CMU.
  3. I think those new units you posted a while back (you took a photo while walking around) were probably the best bargain I’ve seen in CM. I wonder how much it would cost me to get garage parking somewhere in CM. Even subletting a spot at someone’s condo would be cool. Don’t want a car in Bangkok but would love to be able to tour northern Thailand in something fun.
  4. No they aren’t. How are the Lazy-Boys?
  5. Skybreeze is definitely a hidden gem. Great area too. I rented at Punna close by and negotiated my rent down from 15,000 to 14,000 for a 2 year contract back in 2012. Now...exact comparable unit (same floor plan, size, view, etc.) is now asking 13,500 for a 1 year lease. http://chiangmaiproperties.co.th/EN/condo/rent/Fully-furnished,-1-bedroom-condo-with-1-bathroom(s)-and-pool-in-Punna-Residence-4-@-CMU,-Suthep,-Mueang-Chiang-Mai/C2737.aspx A buddy of mine rented the unit 2 floors below this one (carbon copy) at Mountainview for 15,000 in 2013. Now can be had for 13,000. http://chiangmaiproperties.co.th/EN/condo/rent/Fully-furnished,-1-bedroom-condo-with-1-bathroom(s)-and-pool-in-Mountain-View-Condo,-Chang-Phueak,-Mueang-Chiang-Mai/C2764.aspx Prices definitely haven’t been going up when comparing apples to apples.
  6. When I look at condos for rent in Chiang Mai, I notice that since 2012 prices have gone down for the same/similar units. This includes Punna, Unique, Mountainfront and Mountainview. Same prices at Twin Peaks and Resort as that time too. Not sure where you are getting your numbers from.
  7. Great post. I also come from an insurance background (P&C) and wonder if one way for the Thai government/insurance companies to help make this more affordable, is to corral the “less risky” group into their forced insurance plan in order to better balance the overall risk profile. Basically, this policy sucks because the market consists of people who are over 50. Many of whom aren’t in the best health. We need to bring the 20-50 year olds out of the woodwork. The digital nomads....the perpetual tourists...whoever. It doesn’t make sense for a country to try to milk that demographic for ฿500k - ฿1,000k for an elite visa when they could just railroad a few new visa categories through and start welcoming the younger group with open arms. Get that demographic in the system completely including whatever requirements they feel are necessary (฿800k bank accounts, health insurance, etc).
  8. Thanks Sheryl! Is there any way you can pin this at the top of the Health Forum?
  9. That’s quite the dissertation with regards to your relationship with Thailand, your wife, children, neighbors, the government etc. etc. I have but one question. What do you suggest the OP do with regards to the water leak?
  10. I know how the corporate machine works. Bummer. Definitely get the hell out of BKK on a regular basis. So much to see in Thailand and to be honest, as much as I am thriving on the dystopian vision of what our future cities will look like (complete with the soma smiles) I think that BKK is really a less than desirable place to live for the ฿ spent. Hotels in many exotic areas can be quite inexpensive and being in BKK, Airasia can whisk you around the country for next to nothing. Hint...skip Pai. Fly into Maehongson and rent motorbikes and explore.
  11. Both Le Luk and Skywalk will have river views up high. The only issue is that it gets the afternoon/evening sun so your power bills can be pretty high. I’d look for something on a high floor of Skywalk, looking over Wyne Condo towards the port/refinery/Onnut myself.
  12. You think like me. I’m an art “hobbyist” myself. Just getting back into it after many years. Anyhow, it’s too bad that the company doesn’t give you 100k and let you pocket the rest. Myself, being a bit eccentric, would probably approach my boss and say something like. “Look...BKK is a concrete jungle and if I can’t get out of there on a regular basis, I’ll go crazy. How about I rent a 70k unit in Bangkok and a 20k 1br in Hua Hin (2 hours away) so I can unwind on weekends. Saves you (the company) 10k a month and also saves my sanity (add whatever else necessary )” I can let you know what looks pretty good in HH too.
  13. When I was first in BKK, I stayed in a serviced apartment on Sathorn Soi 11. While the neighborhood is somewhat upscale, it’s also quite sterile. Move towards Silom and you’re in another sleazy area with Patpong nearby. Phrom Phong is a red light district as far as I’m concerned. Not that I have any sort of issue with it, but I certainly wouldn’t want to live there. By all means, make Emquartier your shopping, movies, groceries and dining outlet...just don’t waste the money living there. Thonglor gets you out of the sleaze...but when you see it, if you’re like me, you’ll wonder exactly “why is it so expensive?” All I can think of is the name. It’s not like it’s Beverly Hills...in fact, it has much of the same hodgepodge eclectic Thai style...(well...you’ll see) as most anywhere else. It’s just not worth it. 2-3 more minutes by BTS and you have Ekkami. Plenty close for your husband to see his friends, next to the driving range and while still somewhat posh, you get more bang for your buck rentalwise. You can also head to the W District area and check out the few condos around there at Line, Le Luk and Sky Walk. Don’t waste your time with the other condos in the immediate area as while they are nice, I think most don’t have the square footage you’re looking for. Also, in between Line, Le Luk and Skywalk condos is the W District which has a great selection of affordable restaurant stalls with all kinds of different international cuisine (Greek, Sushi, Oyster Bar, Jamaican, French....you name it...all centered by an open aired treed courtyard eating area with some interesting art installations scattered around (it’s an artsy area). One thing I recommend, is to sacrifice square footage when necessary and shoot for a high floor view unit. Plenty out there for rent. I’m in a penthouse unit myself and absolutely love the 180 degree dystopian Blade Runneresque view at night.
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