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  1. I just gave you an example of 100% taxation (in a strange way). Who’s left to tax? Should they tax all expats? The ฿65,000 income requirements for retirement probably puts us all pretty solidly in the top 10%. Income and wealth gaps have been there since time (and use of money) began. And I wouldn’t be surprised if “closing the gap” is an idea that has been bandied about for just about as long. Usually by politicians looking for votes because it sure sounds good and virtuous.
  2. It’s a nice thought for sure...but the math doesn’t work. The top 50 richest people in Thailand are worth approximately 4 trillion baht (cumulatively in 2020) and of that, half of their “wealth” is illiquid. The other half is in stocks, bonds etc where if you tried to liquidate it all to spread the wealth, the value would crash as after all...who’s gonna buy it? The wealth for the richest 1-10% drops off fairly quickly after that. Much much lower than the Uber rich. Back of the hand calculation...just for fun... 4 trillion Baht divided amongst 60 million
  3. Most pharmacies have it. It’s cheap.
  4. This is what a doctor recommended for me. Put a thin layer of Vaseline on the area surrounding the area to be treated as to not eat away the non affected skin. Worked great.
  5. I have the same issue being a car nut in BKK too. All I seen to do is drive my car to wash it and then back to the garage once every week or two. Unfortunately, that mapped area is 4 hours outside BKK. Probably easier to just drive down to Huahin and head into the hills from there.
  6. Even though they’re not something I listen to, they’re also well known in audiophile communities with ‘Random Access Memories’ making multiple lists of best recorded albums of all time.
  7. Do you have a contact for them that you can pass along? This is the issue for me. I did an expensive gut renovation on a brand new condo and couldn’t find anything in the policy that would cover me for the upgrades. There was also a cap on many personal belongings such as electronics which if I remember correctly was capped at ฿30,000.
  8. Roots stems and leaves aren’t a “cash crop”. This is what a cash crop looks like... https://cannabisexpress.com.au/blog/post/weed-strains
  9. Why do they use a fake plant for the picture? Were they tired of being called out by the online community for the shwag they were growing when real pics were posted?
  10. I remember getting contents insurance in the US for a pittance. I recently got a quote from an agent here and the premiums were extremely high for coverage amounts were that were very low, covered things that would never affect me living in a condo (falling tree limbs, aerial antennas, etc) and written in such a vague way that there seemed to be an exclusion for just about everything that I felt it wasn’t even worth it. Hopefully, someone will chime in and have a suggestion for us because I can’t find anything.
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