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  1. You make a fair point. In my instance, it was too late and I truly feared for my life...and I’m a pretty big and fit guy. I was sober too. I can’t imagine what it would have been like for a 70 year old guy (I’m 50) who has had a few beers before returning to his home/hotel. When I think of the “docile” ones, I think of the ones that I see lounging about in the Chiang Mai old city, during the daytime, outside of the owners shophouse or wandering closely by. But as you say, who is to tell which is which. It’s the dogs that are out and about at night that really concern me. There have been many times that I wished I was carrying a baseball bat with me at the time.
  2. I was attacked by a half dozen crazed soi dogs in Pai while walking back to the B2 Pai Premier hotel in Pai one night around 11pm. (If you google map it, you can see it’s a bit out of the downtown area). Swinging my backpack and a stick that I found was no deterrent and nothing I could do would scatter the pack. Fortunately, after about 15 minutes of being backed into a corner, an elderly Thai man drove by in his pickup, heard my cries for help and quickly drove over, nearly running over the dogs, giving me just a split second to be able to hop into the bed of the truck with the dogs chasing us all the way back to the hotel. Sure, some of the soi dogs seem docile enough, but the ones that show ANY aggression deserve a bullet to the head.
  3. Hmmm....never thought about that. Interesting idea, but I’d be willing to bet that the IRS would never be so generous. Edit: just looked it up. It appears that it is deductible if entered into properly with all the supporting documents. https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/loan-bad-debt-deduction-friends-family-1282.php
  4. Off topic a bit, but that’s pretty sweet that parents can make 0% interest loans to their kids in England. In the US, there is a minimum interest rate that parents can charge (can’t remember what it is, but not exceedingly low) and then the parents have to pay income tax on the interest income from their kids.
  5. You will never hear a retraction. Never. I believe that the loudest virtue signalers are deflecting attention away from something they are trying to hide about themselves.
  6. Good luck back in Austin. I visited for a week once and found it to be a beautiful city with some of the most friendly people one could ever hope to meet. True southern hospitality. It’s a place I would consider living myself if i was at a different point in life and already owned a home there.
  7. I rode a Suzuki Shogun 125 around the Maehongson loop. Took me a week and spent a day or two at each stop (Mae Sariang, Khun Yuam, Maehongson and Pai). Slow going for sure, but I had a blast. I have no experience riding a big bike and certainly wasn’t about to learn on a ride like that.
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