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  1. I don’t get the “flying above the temple” shtick. Is this sponsored by Thai Airways?
  2. When I think of “powerful women” in movies, I think of Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs, Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich, Sigourney Weaver in Alien or Linda Hamilton in The Terminator. Women cast in remakes of popular films (with traditionally male roles) in the name of political correctness...not so much. Women have shown that they can be “powerful” actors. No need to ride the coattails of prior successes. That just cheapens their power rather than enhancing it.
  3. Never been to Khao Kho myself but I notice on booking.com that there are places asking ฿1350 for a tent. And not some sort of five star safari tent. A small basic camping tent. What’s up with that? Are there mythical properties or some sort of “fountain of youth” up your way? I had a 4 star sea view room at DusitD2 in Krabi for less than that (฿999) recently.
  4. “It was beautiful. We were selling rich women their own fat asses back to them” -Tyler Durden
  5. This guy might know as he’s selling a pair... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/923534431477865/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
  6. I drove the 105 back in February and it was a blast. There was a washout at one point that wasn’t very well marked and is hopefully fixed by now but other than that, the road was in good condition. Be careful as you come to the last dozen or so kilometers of 105 before it hits 108 as the road gets quite narrow and people and dogs will be walking along the side. As far as hotels go, I have no idea what’s in Mae Sot as I had spent the night in Tak before the next leg to Mae Sariang. Probably should have stayed in Mae Sot as Tak was incredibly boring and the whole town seemed to shut
  7. Agree with you 99%. For the many years I have followed R/E...from the housing bubble blogs circa 2005 and for the 8 years 8 have been reading Thaivisa, most of the same tired cliches (Renting is dead money, sour grapes etc) were trotted out and never did the owners make mention of opportunity costs. For 8 years here in Thailand, renting was the way to go for me. However (and this is where the 1% disagreement comes into play), I’m not so sure of the opportunity costs from here. With the DOW and other major Indexes at all time highs, interest rates at all time lows (and probably s
  8. I did say that...hence, the reason that the homeowners associations will renew (extend) the lease usually long before the 30 year mark. And as you say...it is something that is clear in the lease documents and will have a percentage raise already agreed upon.
  9. The difference is that in Palm Springs, the banks will loan on the leased land as it usually isn’t an issue and as I mentioned, the leases are extended before the remaining lease gets to 30 years. Here, they start at 30 years...not 60-80 as in Palm Springs. I don’t trust them to renew here. That being said, the leasehold units in Palm Springs do sell at a discount to those on fee simple land. Sometimes, the owners will buy out the lease and then the sales prices increase (sometimes substantially).
  10. Even when I was renting here in Thailand, I would always replace the mattress and sofa myself. Nothing special...but better than what they had in the units and better than what I would have ever been able to convince the landlord to replace it with...and chances of them even replacing it would have been slim to none. I finally purchased a unit...partly because it was pretty much exactly what I was looking for (both view and layout) and also because when I lived in L.A. and Seattle during the housing bubble, after the “reflation” (I would have preferred deflation but that is wishfu
  11. I’m not sure how it works here, but back in the US, in Palm Springs, there are many condos built on tribal land that is leased. The lease terms I have seen are anywhere from 50-80 years and are usually renewed when there is 30 years left on the lease as banks won’t offer 30 year mortgages when there is less than 30 years remaining. I wouldn’t have a problem buying a condo on leased land in the Palm Springs, but here...no way.
  12. Actually, it sounds kind of vague. What price range are we talking about? How big is “mid sized”? What is considered “mid Sukhumvit”? Ekkamai? Udomsuk? How large is a “large complex”. 300 units? 1500? What exactly appeals to “Thais and foreigners”? Did it include furniture? Again...what appeals to Thais and foreigners. A “Thai chappie” did the remodel in a month? That sounds pretty fast. How much did it cost? What was the quality of materials? What was included in the remodel? Was it custom or off the shel
  13. I have a pair of Q acoustics BT3 Bluetooth speakers for my bedroom system. For the price (15k) they are pretty damn good. https://www.whathifi.com/q-acoustics/q-bt3/review
  14. Location, location, location is realtorspeak. Pay no attention to it. If you look at the P/E ratios of those areas, you’ll see that they are extremely overpriced. Look at all the Thonglor and Ploenchit condos that are asking 300+ times monthly rent and 3-400k per sqm. What makes Thonglor worth double or triple what a Phra Khanong or Onnut condo costs? It’s 2/3 BTS stops away. What makes Nana and Asok so special? The red light areas nearby? Please. After considering the P/E ratio of a building, then look at the different lines within the building. There might only
  15. Let’s try to stay on topic. We’re discussing Sweden here. 4 people died on the 18th. One every eight hours. Heart disease is the #1 killer globally. We should probably ban meat pies too.
  16. I hope people are “masking” up properly and not just throwing a scarf around their face. They sure don’t make ‘em like they used to.
  17. You could also contribute some of it to the “uneducated consumerist” where “newer is better”...even when it isn’t. So many things regarding real estate here make no sense. Condos with names that are derived to feed peoples egos. Premium pricing for “location” when I see the same worn sidewalks, shophouses etc etc in the premium locations. Beverly Hills prices for locations that make parts of Compton look upscale. Then there are the premium condos with wonky floor plans and the same minuscule kitchens with a bar size sink (sans hot water), two burner cooktop, an open spot
  18. I’d put it all down to construction quality. It’s not like major US and European cities where some of the most expensive (and exclusive) condos, co-ops and apartments are in older buildings which are already a century old (and will easily last another century).
  19. Do you have a link to the new rules (suggestions)? If people are suggested to wear masks in crowded areas, what about restaurants? Perhaps some sort of “feed bag” would help. It appears that cases and deaths are trending down. That appears to be good news. I suppose we will have to take a wait and see approach.
  20. Even if the casedemic subsides, and nobody dies anymore, I’m sure that we will have people advocating for severe and restrictive lockdown anyways....just to be sure.
  21. Try not to be so negative. Look at the bright side. 10 days ago Sweden was at 33 deaths a day so I guess we could potentially presume that deaths in this second wave are now falling. Deaths are down by 66%! But of course, if you focus on the positive and hold out hope for fewer deaths, you will be gaslighted by people with negative pessimistic attitudes and told “it’s all about you” or other random off topic insults...which doesn’t make any sense anyways.
  22. Should actually be “him too”. See my above post just posted after you.
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