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  1. Yes! bring the girl home and investigate her story.... set up a task force to use her testimony to pursue groomers... these are the real enemy within.
  2. terror has been a tool of war since the dawn of time.... usually, not always, employed by the inferior combatant. Hitler created terror 6 million times at least, by having 6 million Jews murdered.... and rome... well. regardless, its rather one sided to stipulate a time frame in your question, to promote your agenda.
  3. OH dear... called out yet again for posting misinformation
  4. RIght... so let’s look at this, then... as admittedly, I’m more aware of the crimes against humanity as committed by Christian followers of “god” vs those of Muslim followers of “god” you provided a list, which if you exclude the supposed killing of 600-900 Jewish men, who had fought against or betrayed a treaty with Mohammed, only includes a few souls executed for crimes including attempted assasination, murder etc... nothing unusual in any society of that age.... bearing in mind that Mohammed was a leader of people’s beyond just their immortal souls, and also therefore responsible for adjudicating crimes and punishments in the present... but no mass murder there so... now lets look at the beheading of Jews.... those links provided in the list don’t provide any numbers, so we need to expand our search somewhat, and we find that Mohammed appointed an arbitrator, and all agreed to abide by the arbitrators findings, which was to behead the Jews who had unexpectedly opposed Mohammed’s army ( the Jews who had not, went free)... so Mohammed, having agreed to abide by the arbiters findings, along with others, therefore upheld the findings... he did not order the killings... damn... emergent civilisation is being copied even today, with supreme court’s arbitrating and giving the final word.... funny that... modern society copying 1500 year old Muslim standards then you dish out a version of Mohammed last words, which seem likely fabricated, and in conflict with 4463; Muslims, 2444... “oh allah, (with) the higher companions”.... further, his last sermon contained no recorded curse what else? My “comparison” of rape gangs to priests won’t wash... no worries... I did not make that comparison, but rather, I said... ” if instead your espousing the virtue of white Christians, then shame, and let me point you at the scandal involving priests raping little boys”  Therein i questioned the support and virtue of white Christians, whilst dealing with ambiguities, citing cause.... but hey... let’s go further and look at how Christians, after 1500 years of developing their religion, compare with Muslims, after 1500 years of developing their religion, if you like now.. let’s move forward, because the last paragraph is a little tongue in cheek... Both the religions had there primary holy books written hundreds of years after the fact, and believing that they contain exact oral recordings of past events is nothing short of preposterous... ergo relying on them in an argument is folly. history is written by the victor.... or western society which invented the printing machine allowing for mass reproduction of the written word, and subsequent prejudices, hundreds of years ago... but don’t let that worry you. And... your last sentence is a rather nasty and petty jibe... but am I surprised? Not really...
  5. If you fail to understand what I’m implying by using any word in any post, because it’s misspelled or incorrect in any form, (or is too long), just ask, and I will attempt to address that to clarify my POV Lol... hope that helps... I’m here for you, sweetness.
  6. lol... is it really? (The independent Muslim owned) And does it matter if it’s factual.... or are you going to demonise this media outlet because it’s Muslim owned? i had to qualify what I referenced above, because my response to your point about your information being widely known is... lol... is it really? Perhaps it’s widely known in your second, forced, rendition, but in its original form, to which I debunked, it was misleading its tiring, but I’ll try again... muslims aren’t the enemy... extremists of any ilk, are the enemy... I know, it’s hard for haters, but do try
  7. But on the bright side, at least the islamophobes are starting to read the links, thereby educating themselves.... that’s a positive... or am I being generous because their argument has stalled, especially in the face of Bangladesh renouncing this girls ability to pursue Bangladeshi citizenship, which will see her returned to blighty.
  8. MMM.....maybe.... but not really... I posted a link to an article approved by the editors of the independent, which you seemingly counter by posting a tabloid article. it reinforced the figure shown by other sources, and was an easy fit to provide as a link.... you know... something tangible instead of promoting demonizing misinformation, as you did with your 84% rubbish but hey, would you feel better if I verified my numbers with yet another source? “Yet another”, because the DoJ link I provided in this thread, also verifies the numbers I (and shah) used
  9. Hmmm..... a 13 year old you say.... much like was the custom with all societies 1500 years ago. The legal term your flouncing around was not invented 1500 years ago, but rather, is a concept of a more modern time, and should not be applied to societies of millennia past, even if some members here would like to see modern justice harken back to medieval times And.... the Virgin Mary appears to have been raped by the Holy Spirit when, by some accounts, she was aged 12-14.... damn... what was that word you were avoiding? Anyway.... Jesus son of god... or Jesus prophet of god? If you believe in fairy tales like the immaculate conception, great, but really? Meanwhile, more logically, Jesus should be seen as a prophet.... most religouse people actually agree with logic on this, funnily enough, as do logical and skeptical non religious people. oh dear, I’ve gone and done it.... those religouse folk I mention are Muslims, who see Jesus as a prophet, and accept him in their religion, unlike nasty Christians who don’t accept Muslim prophets, even though they worship the same angry god. but.... I should have been more circumspect with wording, and your right to call me on it. Mohammed left no clear successor, it was disputed, and this led to the devision of the faith twixt Sunni and Shia Muslims, which was actually the crux of my comment, in denying that Mohammed was responsible for an ongoing “bitter harvest of suffering”, but suggesting instead, that it resulted from the split following Mohammed’s death.
  10. What a much better idea than one of the other members appalling suggestions to “let the sprog rot in the desert”.... but luckily for this girl, the laws of the land will likely see her full repatriation this whole sorry story seems to hi-lights the need for change to the british system, if it’s even half as broken as some members claim... this girls story, when fully exposed, could be the genesis for that change
  11. Right... so not really in touch with reality, and not really emotionally and mentally mature enough to be allowed to make her own informed decisions.... and still 15 when the decision was made, which is only a few months, weeks, days older than 14 now 19.... sure.... but do you think she really had the opportunity to exercise free will, as she, at 14/15 knew it (even as a British Muslim), once she arrived in Syria.? I don’t. i do understand the negativity... but I don’t understand the willingness of people to allow their civil liberties and rights to be eroded by precedent bring her home and hold her accountable under British law... for good or ill, to preserve british law, and perhaps get a better understanding of how to better protect british citizens in future. (from their own government... from groomers.... from their parents or from themselves)
  12. The respective messengers to both religions, was Gabriel. Not chalk and cheese, but the same entity. mohammed was not a mass murderer, but a prophet of the supposed one true god.... the same god as adopted by Christendom 600 years earlier. the violence started when Mohammed died without a successor, beginning the shi-ite/ Sunni rivalry, which still causes violence today amongst Muslims. the stats I cited with a link, included percentage of offenders and percentage of population... so are equatable, with a soupçon of math. regards the comment about rapes as a part of grooming... I haven’t heard of other groups doing this either, in recent modern history, although history is full of accounts of rape as a phycological weopon against invaders or enemies.... but that said, stats still show 90% of rapists in Britain are white men... they are rapists, regardless of beliefs, and this does not make them better persons, if that’s what you are suggesting if instead your espousing the virtue of white Christians, then shame, and let me point you at the scandal involving priests raping little boys... lovely innit? and curiously, to me at least, is why anyone would thank a god that lets these atrocities occur... if it were an identifiable person, that let atrocities be committed on his/her watch, that person would be persecuted, but not god, who loves us so, yet let’s us be victims of atrocities on his/ her watch.... bizzare... but go ahead and thank god, whom allows this, if it makes everything a ok within your brainbox.
  13. Great stuff cowboy.... interesting stuff. lord haw haw was an Irishman (or sympathizers), during a War were some Irish viewed Germany as the enemy of their enemy, and therefore their friend similarly, captured Americans during the revolution, were not deemed enemy combatants, but rather, traitors, and at times suffered a traitors fate.... so these things (decisions) were politically motivated. But no... one cannot be deprived of citizenship because of beliefs, in modern cultures. In the case of the US, it’s enshrined in the constitution... in ages past, a person might be exiled. the grey currently area under debate seems to be centered around dual nationality. One can be revoked, specifically the one most closely aligned to naturalization. Revocation of nationality by birth, will most likely fail in a court setting. and... I hate to think what kind of pragmatic interest inspired your question
  14. We should not discriminate against others for their beliefs, as a rule. Actions perhaps, but not thoughts or beliefs.... similarly, those of us with no beliefs, should not be discriminated against for not adopting a religion that said, there are exceptions to the rule... unwilling human sacrifices to appease the gods, being one that springs to mind, whilst extremists who pervert the intent of their gods will, would be another... or more specifically, those that pose a risk to others, because of their beliefs similarly, we shouldn’t condemn others because of beliefs, or lack thereof. In general, Ones religious ideals has nothing to do with their integrity, honesty or worth to society.
  15. Yep.... or no. the first thing that springs to mind, when reading your post, is the image of a ten year old wearing a suicide vest, intend on martyrdom.... is this a conscious act of terrorism, or an act inspired by fear and indoctrination of an immature mind, otherwise incaple of rational thought? intent should be demonstrated by our judicial system... we must maintain our standards, in spite of the standards of others, or become subject to the standards of others. in your countries case, trump has come out and said he will not allow American citizens to be tried by a third party (mainly considering crimes against humanity as allegedly committed by black sites, imo) so y’all are locked in already... you have to take the good with the bad.
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