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  1. The respective messengers to both religions, was Gabriel. Not chalk and cheese, but the same entity. mohammed was not a mass murderer, but a prophet of the supposed one true god.... the same god as adopted by Christendom 600 years earlier. the violence started when Mohammed died without a successor, beginning the shi-ite/ Sunni rivalry, which still causes violence today amongst Muslims. the stats I cited with a link, included percentage of offenders and percentage of population... so are equatable, with a soupçon of math. regards the comment about rapes as a part of grooming... I haven’t heard of other groups doing this either, in recent modern history, although history is full of accounts of rape as a phycological weopon against invaders or enemies.... but that said, stats still show 90% of rapists in Britain are white men... they are rapists, regardless of beliefs, and this does not make them better persons, if that’s what you are suggesting if instead your espousing the virtue of white Christians, then shame, and let me point you at the scandal involving priests raping little boys... lovely innit? and curiously, to me at least, is why anyone would thank a god that lets these atrocities occur... if it were an identifiable person, that let atrocities be committed on his/her watch, that person would be persecuted, but not god, who loves us so, yet let’s us be victims of atrocities on his/ her watch.... bizzare... but go ahead and thank god, whom allows this, if it makes everything a ok within your brainbox.
  2. Great stuff cowboy.... interesting stuff. lord haw haw was an Irishman (or sympathizers), during a War were some Irish viewed Germany as the enemy of their enemy, and therefore their friend similarly, captured Americans during the revolution, were not deemed enemy combatants, but rather, traitors, and at times suffered a traitors fate.... so these things (decisions) were politically motivated. But no... one cannot be deprived of citizenship because of beliefs, in modern cultures. In the case of the US, it’s enshrined in the constitution... in ages past, a person might be exiled. the grey currently area under debate seems to be centered around dual nationality. One can be revoked, specifically the one most closely aligned to naturalization. Revocation of nationality by birth, will most likely fail in a court setting. and... I hate to think what kind of pragmatic interest inspired your question
  3. We should not discriminate against others for their beliefs, as a rule. Actions perhaps, but not thoughts or beliefs.... similarly, those of us with no beliefs, should not be discriminated against for not adopting a religion that said, there are exceptions to the rule... unwilling human sacrifices to appease the gods, being one that springs to mind, whilst extremists who pervert the intent of their gods will, would be another... or more specifically, those that pose a risk to others, because of their beliefs similarly, we shouldn’t condemn others because of beliefs, or lack thereof. In general, Ones religious ideals has nothing to do with their integrity, honesty or worth to society.
  4. Yep.... or no. the first thing that springs to mind, when reading your post, is the image of a ten year old wearing a suicide vest, intend on martyrdom.... is this a conscious act of terrorism, or an act inspired by fear and indoctrination of an immature mind, otherwise incaple of rational thought? intent should be demonstrated by our judicial system... we must maintain our standards, in spite of the standards of others, or become subject to the standards of others. in your countries case, trump has come out and said he will not allow American citizens to be tried by a third party (mainly considering crimes against humanity as allegedly committed by black sites, imo) so y’all are locked in already... you have to take the good with the bad.
  5. Yes... bring her home and prosecute her under British law. im generally against anything trump on principle ( the principle being I refuse to endorse him and his presidency), but for once, he’s right. repatriate and try your own citizens for their wrong doings. each country must be accountable for the product of its system... in doing this, each country must accept responsibility for its failings, learn from its mistakes, improve its systems, and move forward in a manner that better protects its citizens. if this child is guilty, she should be punished by her government, post trial... which is the basic tenant of modern law.... something that sets us above the medieval ways of dealing justice as to your first comment... we will just have to agree to disagree, as I believe this is a matter whereby British law should deal with British citizens, especially when there is evidence that she was the victim of a predator in becoming radicalized. on another note... this girl is currently still surrounded by Muslims in a Muslim country.... perhaps... just perhaps, she’s smart enough not to slag off Islam in front of other Muslims... just a thought... but if repatriated, this question would be answered, by largely removing her from repercussions of saying anything anti Islamic, in front of islamists. im actually quite surprised that people aren’t more interested in the answers and possible ways to prevent further incidences in the pursuit of justice and the future safety of their nation’s children.
  6. Can you substantiate that? and... if one removes the term religious, is 95% of violence committed by Muslims? i have already researched and debunked previous rubbish claims about the rape rate committed by Muslims, so I would prefer it you backed up your stats with facts, rather than just stick made up numbers in there, which suit your agenda.
  7. Perhaps... but irrelevant. treasonous trump making millions.... what’s that? TTMM, I suppose... the thought of the orange buffoon sharing communal prison underwear warms my heart.
  8. It’s the same god... presaged to humanity by the same arch angel... it just has a different name.... peter vs Pierre, if you will.
  9. Meanwhile.... 90% of british rapists are “white”, from a population of 82%.... just figured I’d get out in front of that question https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/newcastle-grooming-scandal-exploitation-victims-sarah-champion-race-a7890106.html
  10. Indeed... 84% of rapes from 2.5% of the population is horrific... but then, your claim is complete cow turd islamophobic propaganda perhaps designed to demonize a section of the community that you appear to hate the actual figures would seem to be 12% of rapes by 6% of the population.... which is still horrific, but nothing at all like your bigoted claim https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/324097/number-males-rape-muslim.doc
  11. Wow... there it is... a British investigation is obviously warranted. Failing to do so is potentially willfully neglecting the welfare of other british children.
  12. Do you think that a British investigation into this would A/ answer that question... and B/ enable better protection of british children if she was groomed? B being the important issue.
  13. Yes indeed.... bring her back... charge her with treason if you feel that is appropriate... whatever... then stick dad and mum on the stand as well and get to the bottom of this i don’t doubt that these grooming rings exist... act to eliminate them. Stripping a citizen of their rights and abandoning them won’t get to the bottom of the real issue... ie, impressionable children being led astray by sweet talking extremists. sure, jihad jane was a thing... it’s undeniable that these women exist, just as the men who willingly take up arms exist... but was this a girl like jihad jane, or a child groomed and abused, and now being cast aside by the system which failed to protect her from predators in the British community. britain owes the community an answer... and perhaps action... but facts first, surely.
  14. Ok then... what percentage of rapes of young girls are committed by Muslims in Britain? but more to the point, “so many girls are groomed”... dude... they are groomed because they are incaple of making informed decisions... they are young and impressionable... they have been taken advantage of ergo... again... repatriate and investigate, to catch the groomers, if nothing else... for the sake of your children. yall are starting to reinforce my point that this girl was likely ill advised, incapable of making her own decisions and led astray by others.
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