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  1. Quite the haul good for them. Wonder what the street value is? Not sure why they would announce this though as it probably burns their opportunity to potentially work this transporter back to the distributor or manufacturer. Anyway, hope the right thing is done with this dope and it is off the street for good.
  2. Some low rents in Jomtien now can get ocean views in nice buildings with large rooms for around 10,000 b. But no malls, one small western market, no western fast food places that I know of (just saying sometimes the need arises), limited massage and male entertainment venues. The girls I have seen there are not nearly the same looking quality as Pattaya, the beach there is much smaller and eroded compared now to the improved Pattaya. They do have that big Thai market, but still a motorbike ride to get to it. Like someone else mentioned, most I know come over the
  3. I can see them cutting it down to 3 to 7 days by the end of the year. Maybe too late? Golf quarantine is a nice option. Someone mentioned Australia never heard of a supposed western country with their draconian restrictions cannot leave the country? Cannot come to Thailand? Unbelievable control peoples lives how sad seems like Communism.
  4. Heading to zero. No rush for vaccines. Thailand is doing a great job so glad I am here.
  5. Just left for 90 day report. Total including wait outside 5 minutes. Scanned my previous 90 day and printed out a new one attached it in passport. Nothing else required easy peasy.
  6. It is a tourist based economy. It will take more then a few years to retool any of it. Without tourism, this place will be in a state of continued recession for many many years.
  7. There are no checkpoints or any other requirements going there. Hope you enjoy yourself for one week I find HH a total bore and a waste after 2 days cannot think of any reason to go back.
  8. I certainly want the vaccine but they all need specific storage and transport requirements. At this point I do not trust how any of this will be handled here.
  9. OP question is mute. If you want to explain your tax status; write offs, credits, deductions, exemptions, etc. maybe a best answer can be obtained.
  10. Some people go thru life so insecure and immature, concerned or hurt about what people call them. If one is worried about being a loser, they probably are one.
  11. In the US and Europe there are approx. 2 million prostitutes. Not counting places like south America, on and on other countries probably add millions more. It is legal in many countries they don't consider it damaging and harmful. And of course it is about the money everywhere. Your comments about this indicating it as a Thailand problem are flawed.
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