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  1. Great idea. If person does not want to comply and cannot afford this important insurance, then no choice but to stay where you are.
  2. A great idea actually for those of us who would play everyday. Plenty of the courses around Pattaya have sufficient accomodations that are totally empty now. Hope they make this an option.
  3. How can any older person live on 600 pounds a month possibly the worst western country pension in the world.
  4. Hopefully, on the flight here they will not report seeing that monster dude on the airplane wing ala William Shatner. Sorry, could not resist my favorite episode.
  5. Actually one of the better things about CM is the infratructure. Nice wide roads, underpasses, super highway. The city center cannot be changed and the 107 mostly sucks a death trap for U turns. Other then that, it seems pretty good.
  6. Your post is false as an absolute. Below is where they were a few days ago they move around. And, the BTS and MRT have been shut down several times due to their movements. 1. Lat Phrao Intersection2. Wongwian Yai3. Udomsuk marching to Bangna intersection4. BTS Asoke5. Sam Yan Mitr Town
  7. 600 pound a month pensions probably does not motivate them to do so.
  8. Not in all cases whats so ever. A scam? Yes sure. Not all these girls speak good English and are well traveled/experienced. Lots of them are recruited from their home province by the bar owner or mamasan boss. They know each others families and may even be related and have been sleeping in a room provided by the bar. Based upon these relationships, they will not just leave say bye bye and stop work at any time. Instead, to help maintain good standing with the bar for various reasons and help financially, they will convince the suitor to pay a fee for their extended company.
  9. Wow, I had no idea Mr. Sethaput thank you. Good luck in your new position.
  10. BF seem pretty inexpensive to me strange he has an issue with it. You can usually buy a girl out of a bar for a month or any extended period. Most will give a reduced price for longer periods. My friend in Pattaya recently took a girl for a month just to see if she was the girl for him. She was not but at least he found out rather then making an even longer commitment.
  11. I hate cats but would never abuse one. What a sicko.
  12. I hope at some time I will have a change of heart. But at this point, I will do everything possible to avoid any interaction with Chinese. I can wait for the next elevator thanks or eat at another restaurant.
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