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  1. Well, the Chinese are doing very little if any buying in Jomtien. And, when you put that white elephant on the market competing against the over 10,000 other properties currently for sale in the Pattaya area good luck. Good chance it turns out to not be an investment at all when you have to sell it at a loss. Good you are comfortable with it though.
  2. You seem to not understand this place or how the system works. TI loves the agents and will continue to work with them.
  3. bkk6060


    Seems like more Germans then Russians there. Besides the scowls, I have not understood why so many complain about Russians. Seems like many come as families and my experience is they kind of stay to themselves and are not generally really loud like some of the other visitors. Just my observation could be wrong.
  4. The Koreans and Japanese I play with are very fast players which is great. They do gamble some. The Thais are slower I think mainly because they are drinking and gambling big time. Another thing a little strange here. If you show up alone they actually think you want to play alone. If you are Falang at a mostly Asian played course you may find yourself going out alone and playing very slowly. And trying to join a group of Thais is usually impossible due to the high stakes involved they do not want you bothering them.
  5. I think you need to be more specific with your questions. Normally, if you play early like I do ( 7am) there is no problem with a round less the 4 hours. After that this time of year many groups or tournaments are scheduled and it can be slow. Surprisingly, the after noons at a lot of these places (after 2pm) are not that busy and some offer reduced rates. So, if you show up at 9 am you may be looking at a long day.
  6. That was my thought exactly then invite them all in when you get home.
  7. Seems like just another pontificating OP who's meaningless post is longer then all the new rules put together.
  8. What do you shoot and how much you want to spend? Gynkhana yes does have a lot of expats mostly Brits who like to drink. But, it is a Cheap Charlie 9 hole course with old facilities. The range is not bad. If you do not mind spending more for much better courses Lanna, Summit Green Valley, or MaeJo CC are all nice. I play Summit as it is a few minutes from where I stay.
  9. Well, you never know. This is Thailand.
  10. The haters will call BS and say no one is coming here. Yet, I am seeing people everywhere, infrastructure projects, buildings being constructed and lots of tourists.
  11. It is shocking sometimes how many people are looking for a reason to be hated. Just negative about everything even a word as with your correct description does not have a general negative connotation.
  12. Maybe consider looking at retirement communities where you will be treated like everyone else.
  13. Sorry to be blunt but four houses, 2 cars, and a farm and you complain you will not be able to afford to live here? I have read so many of these type reports since the new rules and am totally unsympathetic. Also, my mother treated my father similar at the end of their marriage. But, it turned out she simply hated his guts so much it made her act crazy. After the split, she was fine. It is all going to end the way she wants it to anyway. I would give her the divorce and take your part of the assests and move on. Unless you want to remain miserable and afraid until you die. Then , hire a Myanmar lady to take care of you for practically nothing.
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