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  1. I hope this thread is referred to when the brilliant "Thais, all about the money" is posted. This is a such a great thread and an example of who in fact is truly, all about the money....
  2. Yes, of course. Or make them feel better about their own sad little lives.
  3. Yes. Luck of the birth draw I guess. In California for example. Get a good government job work it for 30 years and get a great monthly income for life that includes cost of living raises. Buy a couple of houses along pay down the mortgage and watch them appreciate up to 10 times what you paid back in the 70's. Also, defer what you can of income tax free. Now, all this plan is easily worth a million dollars. Like you said, just very very lucky..
  4. So, like I said. You and others have nothing to prove your "largest mass exodus in farang history" theories. Things that you "have heard" have nothing to do with facts. I would say very few have left. If you know anything about business here, in many cases downward business is due to poor business practices and models. If so many have, there certainly is a lack of reports from those "other places" everyone is threatening going too. So, like I said you have no facts to support your "mass exodus" conspiracies... But, believe what ever you want if it makes you feel better.
  5. I would say false. Unless you have some solid stats to prove it. Not the TV "I am leaving" but still here crowd.
  6. Minimalists living a minimalist lifestyle. And they are darn proud of it.
  7. Yes. Actually funny. So difficult and a big ego blow for many to grasp that people in this country make more then they do. Many in BKK especially. 45,000b is a joke of a salary for many professional Thais.
  8. Sounds like you are rich but lacking other skills. Sure yes, thank you, Sorry, you are jealous?
  9. Yes. And your post is the same type that was posted 10 years ago.
  10. Judging people because they are successful and have great money? No, it means they can do what they want when they want. Why does Tiger Woods spend 20 million dollars on a boat? Because he can. Unfortunately, it seems you have no clue about the luxury and comfort of having large funds. 50 k for food and booze is minimum. Add some lady time it is easily 100k. There are very successful people here who do no have to pinch pennies and worry about the price of chicken on a menu.... It is called risking and planning and being smart. Seems a concept sadly unknown by many.
  11. I have reported that some of the soups here especially the Pho, smell like urine. So, not a surprise.
  12. Not trying to scare you but I would go get a full range of blood tests including all STD's.
  13. Yes. The insecurity and need to feel important by many here is odd. The "we use to be the king" comments... Sorry, your $1,000 a month pension means much of nothing here anymore. I agree, 3rd world Cambodia or Myanmar may be good choices for those in need of some boot licking.
  14. Nothing much good happens after 2am. Mistake to do will just add to carnage.
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