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  1. Sorry to be blunt but four houses, 2 cars, and a farm and you complain you will not be able to afford to live here? I have read so many of these type reports since the new rules and am totally unsympathetic. Also, my mother treated my father similar at the end of their marriage. But, it turned out she simply hated his guts so much it made her act crazy. After the split, she was fine. It is all going to end the way she wants it to anyway. I would give her the divorce and take your part of the assests and move on. Unless you want to remain miserable and afraid until you die. Then , hire a Myanmar lady to take care of you for practically nothing.
  2. How long who knows. I wish then good luck with it unfortunately Phuket has become the biggest mafia, criminal, overpriced ripoff, rude people place in the country. Pattaya is a wonderful compared to Phuket.
  3. What is your next cliche that applies to 99% of the world that "Thais are all about the money?"
  4. They may have made a notation in their system about the prior warning. But, if that warning was get a Tourist Visa and not go Visa exempt, and you in fact get the visa, then you will be following their direction I see no problem whatsoever.
  5. I bet you have been pretty successfull in your life. But you are being too reasonable, level headed, adult and mature. Which is far off from the historical reactions and responses on this topic.
  6. You are not wrong actually. I have done some math and a heavy drinker can save hundreds of dollars a month in Cambodia. Why bring up temples and such they are not at the top of the list for daily activities for residents? But, I suggest you go there for an extended period and not read about it. I did that for a few months 2 years ago and Thailand overall quality of life is much much better. But, for an alcoholic maybe not.
  7. Wow. Most definitely people should consider moving their entire life to a 3rd world country for the 50 cent beer. By the way, a one year here is less then $290 including multiple entry and it takes a few hours not 7 days. But if a downgraded 3rd world lifestyle suits one then enjoy..
  8. My father did not give me much advice. But one thing he told me was buy the best tires possible for your vehicle. They are the foundation of your vehicle and in reality could prevent an accident or even safe your life.
  9. Wrong, uninformed and judgemental. I know several guys in Bangkok who are wealthy and have no time to waste going thru the process. They can well afford an agent to do it for them. Not all agent users are in your described category. Not even close.
  10. You may regret not taking that as people in Bangkok are being quoted double that price and agency prices are quickly increasing everywhere. Good luck!
  11. No, you are wrong. You seem to know little about this. In this case an investigation was started and determined to not involve criminal elements or activity. Stop spreading false information that anytime you pay the police they will conduct a further investigation based on nothing. That is a flat out untrue and false....
  12. What a farce of a comment just more naive Thai cop negativity. For the OP No not all reports are sent. If it was filed as an incident report or miscellaneous such as lost property, they with not send it for prosecution. And yes, if they determine no crime occurred or it lacks criminal elements (such as a mutual combat argument or fight) they will not send it for prosecution. If you have more details it may help but if you were told "no crime" it will be kept on file and not sent for prosecution.
  13. The 3rd world neighbors are not that much cheaper. Justifying cheaper beer as a reason to go is one of the most immature responses I can think of. But seriously, seems people are willing to move their whole life for it. If it that important to save a hundred bucks or so each month to downgrade to 3rd world life it certainly says a lot about ones competence, confidence and self respect. Glad it is not a place I want or need to go.
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