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  1. What a fantastic job they have done testing and quarantining all returnees. They have kept any infections confined which is proven by the fact there are no local infections reported for several weeks in provinces and more then a month in most provinces. Very organized and efficient.
  2. Sorry for his disability and his victimization. But, the guy is a total idiot. The "it could happen to anyone" comments are appropriate for people who come here so naive and careless and insecure. That is not everyone. Sadly, I bet the guy recovers nothing.
  3. They use a different oil here to fry. Tastes terrible will never go back.
  4. Actually, if it is related to Fat Chow in Bali, the place is really good. I think it is the same. Asian not just Chinese. Enlarge the menu in the photo the food looks decent. Good Vietnamese sandwiches. Dukes? The same is happening in Pattaya the western places with large portions are mostly going away.
  5. Seeing photos of these bars they seem like Falang places. I doubt Thais would be flocking in for beers. I agree though they should open them.
  6. Which is all in his favor. If the election was today he would probably lose. Come November: Covid more under control and therapies available. The protests will be over. Stock market up and economy in recovery. Trump wins.
  7. All this will lead to a Trump victory in November. It is all about the money, never forget that.
  8. You are correct. But some of it is why the cases are low here. It is all inconvenient but much better then the lousy plans the US and UK have.
  9. There are speed traps all over the world even in advanced western countries. It is of course, all amount collecting funds. Like others mentioned, in reality if you are not speeding then you will not be "trapped". So, all a person can do after they pay the fine and drive away is look in the mirror and say: stupid me.
  10. They said the same about the US a few months ago. Today, more then 2 million jobs back and markets rising big time huge recovery starting. The same will happen here I bet although take longer. By this time next year I predict rising tourist numbers, maybe records as people getting back to work and pent up demand fuel the recovery.
  11. Serious answer, have you tried masturbating? That or the real deal can put your body and mind at ease always sleep well after. Also, Tramadol is well know for causing insomnia, sleep disruption, and bad dreams it is not truly a sleep aid.
  12. Wow. That is a lot of people missing. Very sad they cannot make progress on these cases families must be frustrated. The males I would guess gang or drug related. The females who knows maybe a serial killer or trafficing? Hope they make some headway on this very disturbing story.
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