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  1. I sold or gave away every last thing in my home country. House, car, furniture, everything. I came here with absolutely one suitcase. It contained some clothes and important papers. The last thing I want to do in my older years is accumulate things. I had ¨stuff¨ all my life and wanted no more burden of any of it. So glad I did. The only thing of significance I have purchased here is a motorbike and 7 golf clubs. Even then, it took me a few years to commit. I guess I am a minimalist. The less things the better for me less stress and makes life so much happier.
  2. Like any country, mixed race is very common. The problem here is if a Thai girl is young, educated, and has a decent job she does not need to go with old man. The younger foreign males I have met here are mostly low money digital nomads. Kind of losers. Thai girls educated mostly are not that desperate.
  3. You maybe are being sarcastic, but there is a lot of truth in sarcasim. Your comment is actually true I believe for the majority of the people in the world. They just do not want to openly admit it.
  4. The long weekend last week did see some up tick in tourists. But, just got back from a motorbike ride. Normally by this time the Soi 7 and Soi 8 bars are fairly full of Friday afternoon Bangkok tourists. Mostly Falang drinking preparing for the sunset. But, these places today are dead. Soi 7 use to have some very popular places closer to Beach road. Now, some are closed with for sale or for rent signs. Others, few if noone to be seen. I guess Bangkok tourists are saving money or just not motivated to travel. It is in fact very very slow. No way all these hotels, restaurants, etc. can make it only with domestic tourists. This place is way over built and only can be supported by millions of foreign tourists. Should be interesting if and when they return.
  5. Same here. The Prostate does not get smaller as we age.
  6. Some Valium or Zanax would probably do the trick.
  7. So, this is not your permanent residence and she is not Thai? If not, you do not qualify.
  8. Dehydration it sounds like. As we get older we should be drinking much more water. But, I would suggest to see a Doctor. Thick blood can make a person more prone to blood clots. Maybe some meds are necessary.
  9. Another disdvantage of living in a house on a Soi. Noisy and claustophobic. Maybe get out and move into a nice higher end Condo with good security, no animals, no car noise, no kids, etc. PS: If you cannot sleep try a good powerful fan.
  10. Another dual pricing thread. As if it only happens in Thailand... Many western countries including Europe have dual pricing. Theme parks, golf, local attractions very common. If it bothers one so much to pay 50 b more to go someplace here, then I suggest don´t go.
  11. Go to a Gogo bar for what? They are rip off tourist traps for fools. Have a girl dance naked for me? Go to the websites 1000ś of girls will come over, dress as you like, and do what you want. I hope these places go out of business. Care for the girls you say? The girls will be happy, they can manage their life much better on the dating sites. Set their own hours, see who they want, make more money. The business owners? Could careless and so do most of the girls. Time to move on from the Gogoś the sooner the better.
  12. The first time I rented, I did not use an agent. Had some issues but did get my deposit back. I suggest to use a legit agent. I have done this for the past several years and never had any issues. Any repairs, aircon issues, etc, go thru the agent always have gotten responses to any problems quickly.
  13. Glad to hear this decision. Makes me feel as though Thais possibly are not all about the money after all..
  14. Ha. Anybody invest in the 2999 b unlimited flight scheme they recently put out? My expereince is they really went down hill the past few years. I now fly Viet Jet whenever possible always had a positive experience. They seem to board very early but every flight I have taken has been on time.
  15. It was up there for the heaviest rain in awhile in a short period. But, I differ with some on this. Yes, it floods here badly, but I have been in some of the most modern cities in the world that flood and stay flooded for a period of time. When it seems to rain a foot in one hour and continues for 4 hours not much can be done. Sunny clear and beautiful so far today.
  16. They seem like pretty general questions. Insurance companies have many ways to columize, and evaluate their policies and rates/risk for the future. Maybe being married and her age and employment could be a risk factor of something who knows. Thinking about it, I certainly am healthier and much happier/go to the Doctor less since my divorce. Anyway, invasive for me would be how many times a day do you have sex or take a S...
  17. I can remember back in the early 70ś many felt the same. Hippies and the war people thought we were all doomed. All one can do is try to stay positive. This Covid BS however, certainly has put most of the world in a bad mood.
  18. Yes, you can probably get better terms from a seller. Arrange a low interest carry back with them for up to 10 years. I would use a reliable agency that has experience with these type transactions. I have a friend who has been in the business in Pattaya for 10 years. She said this is probably the slowest time in history and told me many foreign sellers are now doing these carry backs to enhance their sale potential.
  19. I like Tats. Especially when a dudes name is just above the privates. Perfect place for the end game makes me have a laugh.
  20. I look at it as a compliment using these names for teams. And, nothing better then pounding on the drums and the crowd getting excited during the Tomahawk chop.
  21. Clean it up and turn it into a western restaurant.
  22. And it is not going to ḧurt¨ anybody to keep the name.
  23. Cheeseburger, fries and a drink will run about $20 at the place. No thanks.
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