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  1. No you have a very good point there. My hunch about 90% or more.
  2. The city itself in my opinion is a dump. There are many French tourists there now so be aware . Why in the world they would go there i have no idea they can barely speak English let alone Thai. They run around in packs lost and NEVER smiling. normal behavior. Out in the country side better. Not my favorite province but ok. Would i ever live in the province NO!
  3. Anyone not willing to answer questions just give the a mandatory time in a small cell until they do.
  4. Parking in the middle of a busy street so the wife does not have to walk more than twenty feet into a shop i see far to often. About 90% of Thais would have their cars taken away in most countries. That is about the common sense of a brick and that is why Thailand is the most dangerous place in the world on the roads. I always wonder where the police are. If they did their jobs they could be some of the richest people in Thailand.
  5. Just cover the country in resorts and a 100 million foreigners. There are about twenty million too many here already. Mass tourism has destroyed what was unique about Thailand. If i did not have a Thai partner i would just hang out in Laos . Far fewer foreigners and it has not been ruined yet but they are working on it.
  6. There are far better ways to deal with this issue than the lame direction the Thai government is dealing with this. In my opinion the route they are taking leaving many that will not be able to be insured because of their medical history. This has got to be one of the top ten dumbest ideas ever they have come up with along with the TM 30 fiasco . They gave no options to self insure therefore you are screwed or forced to enlist in one of the lame health plans.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfUzZXB3Aeg Are you more confused yet ? It would be nice if those that have cheap and decent insurance plans in their home countries that cover Thailand and or better policies than the garbage plans the Thai government is offering to post the links on this page. Personally i would rather self insure than trust any of these companies to pay up when the time comes. Is there is good cheaper plan with Pacific Cross in Thailand? What i see these companies offering here is a joke. Lets help each other out that do not currently have a policy and provide links that are helpful to others
  8. I often see groups of foreigners with scowls on their faces enough to make the paint melt off the walls. They all seem to have this dark black cloud above their heads. They all look like they are in total agony. Perhaps its long overdue they put themselves out of their 24/7 misery. They seem to frighten any Thais they approach. I walked up to a group just yesterday to watch their response when i smiled and said hello. No response nothing, as they went from one bowl of fruit samples to another until they were empty and wandered off. I wonder why so many Thais dislike so many foreigners. It always seems to be the Euros. Maybe its better you sour pusses just stay home and stare at the tv and don,t contaminate areas with your radioactive vibes and creepy behavior.
  9. This is way to easy to answer . YES YES & YES !!!!!! Get that scowl off your face and just maybe they might welcome you.
  10. Yes you did forget some. Those that are able to speak Thai. Those that did not meet there girlfriend or wife in a bar. Those that are self dependent not needing the help of a Thai to do anything. Those that are able to adapt to the culture. Those that are able willing and able to eat Thai food. Those that don,t spend their days in bars bitching with other foreigners how awful Thailand is yet won,t leave. Those that are NOT convinced that the Thai government is out to rid the country of anyone with white skin. Those that DO NOT believe that ALL Thais hate foreigners. Those that DO NOT believe ALL Thais are scammers. Those that DO NOT listen to YouTube HATE channels and understand those channels are all about creating drama and nothing more. Those that tend to have a positive outlook on life and understand EVERY country has its problems. Those that DO NOT have a 24/7 scowl on their faces that do not look like they had a long hard object jammed up where it should not be. Those that DO NOT blame all their problems in their lives on those damn Thais. And finally those that avoid the bitching moaners and haters like their lives depended on it.
  11. Or if you have a YT HATE channel that insults the Thai government almost daily and harasses others channels claiming to be the messiah of truth.
  12. He has numerous fake accounts on YouTube. Harasses one YT channel in particular. He even has his own YT channel i won,t mention here. He is very easy to spot. This story sounds just like something he would write. He is a American that considers himself a genius .
  13. Please try explaining that to the thousands of foreigners making border crossing and visiting Thai Immigration offices. They just don,t get it and wonder why they have such a difficult time in Thailand. Both men and women.
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