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  1. Well my hunch thousands of Thais will become ill and die. The Thai dude is a clown. I would rather take advice from the local garbage man. It's all about $$$ and let the common Thai die for all he cares.
  2. What Is Bohemian Rhapsody ? Do I win a prize if correct?
  3. Too focused on the foreigner quarantine scam. In the meanwhile no vaccine.
  4. Likely the very same bunch involved with the insurance/quarantine scam.
  5. And what about the Thais girls that were in Myanmar wandering all over Thailand. The Thai government is so concerned about foreigners arriving they in their great wisdom decided all their Thai hi-so friends should get a cut of the scam. It has been a blood bath since day one with all the insurance/hotel sharks in a pool of foreigner suckers willing to pay thousands to be locked up in a over rated expensive hotel. Total waste of effort outside of $$$ for their rich buddies. Now thousands will likely die because of their stupid greed. Where are the vaccines ???????????????????????????
  6. The numbers have been off since day one. The scam quarantine for foreigners was a complete failure. So focused on making their Thai buddies richer they seem to have forgotten most of the population. Better start digging some mass graves.
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