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  1. Most likely is actually a key for W7 or W8. This will allow a new install of W10 to activate. It may also work using the method detailed in this thread.
  2. JaiMaai

    True vision

    Going to need to ask a few questions before anyone can help... You say you have a cable box and then mention rain, which would only affect a satellite set up. Do you know if it's on the cable network or satellite. What's the model number of your box. When you say you can't access some channels, is it the same channels all the time that just don't work or do they work sometimes and not others? Are you seeing any error codes or messages when you can't access the problem channels?
  3. The interesting words are "gains possession/control" and "then creates a goal scoring opportunity". At which point did Laporte gain control of the ball?
  4. 603-605 seem to carry some "magazine" type content from 8pm in the evenings. Sent from my SM-P555 using Tapatalk
  5. All the channels (except 601, which doesn't seem to exist) are fully working. Are you using satellite? Maybe you need to update your box firmware and LNB? Edit: Only 600 and 602 actually have programming 24 hrs. Maybe that is your issue? No content from other leagues AFAIK
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