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  1. I don't use qbittorrent so I'm not familiar with it. I've found a screenshot, Try selecting the download you're having a problem with and then click on peers (circled).
  2. If there are no "seeds" there is nothing you (or anyone) can do about it. It simply means no one has acomplete copy.
  3. It's also possible that you have a problem with something called "port forwarding" but the fix for this depends on your torrent program, your router, and possibly your ISP. You could try yo Google that one.
  4. This varies on what program you are using to download but you need to check how many "seeds" there are. Seeds are computers that have complete copies of the file, Leechers/Peers are computers tryinng to download. As every user downloads a piece of the file, they can then share it with everyone else — in theory making the download faster for everyone. If there are only a few seeds or one goes offline then you will need to wait until the seeds come online again. In uTorrent, you can also look at the "Availability" which should be 1 (100%) if a complete copy is available. (In some cases it may not be so you will NEVER get the complete download)
  5. Thanks. I knew the word "เหลือ" already in the sense of left over or remaining but I wasn't sure if it would work in this context.
  6. How would say something with this meaning in Thai? I mean asking someone if they have something surplus and don't need that they could "spare"?
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