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  1. Good grief. History is full of all of us doing stupid things for love and alcohol. No big deal they handled the consequences like adults which is more than many of you commenting on this forum. Judging someone they do not know and calling them an idiot reveals a lot about a person.
  2. It is called mental illness not selfishness. Take some time to read about mental illness or deal with someone that is mentally ill and you will understand the issue. True the innocent driver will suffer and all who witness the death and all who love or like the deceased. But selfishness doesn’t factor into the tragedy. If the guy is successful in killing himself in the future I hope the driver will get some counseling.
  3. If you have an O-A visa and live in Bangkok no need to do anything now about changing your address. In three years I have never reported to BKK when I move. When you get a new extension of stay or do a 90 day report fill out the (TM extension form TM 7 or the 90 day TM 47 report form) with your new address. I once read Thai visa and asked the Chang Watthana form desk lady for a TM 30 and TM 28 and she did not have any of these forms. If you have a O visa read Ubonjoe’s post above and follow it. All of this stuff is easy in Bangkok. 90 day reports by mail or online and once a year a day trip to get an extension of stay. Only time you need to go to CW in Bangkok is to get an extension of stay or residency certificate.
  4. medical care in Thailand is much cheaper than the USA and better service.
  5. Last time I checked adults were capable of making their own decisions. We don’t need to live in a nanny state. Why not ban all comments by TF posters especially Sir Charles?
  6. Went to Kruger National Park in South Africa. The guide told us once you see animals in the wild you will not want to go to a zoo ever again. That was true for me. Yet I also understand that some animals would not exist in this world without zoos and some elephants and their human families would starve without tourists who want to ride the elephants. So no one size fits all solution. Education is the best idea then let everyone make their own choices.
  7. I need some advice from long time Khon Kaen residents. I enjoy the city. I thought about moving there next year. Is this pollution news something that happens every year or something new. I don’t remember reading about Khon Kaen pollution before. I have heard about Chang Mai and other areas but Khon Kaen has always been nice when I visited and was I just not informed in years past or has something changed in Khon Kaen? Please share your thoughts if you live in Khon Kaen or near there.
  8. RIP Anthony Bourdain but I loved his saying “ your body is not a temple. it is an amusement ride so enjoy the journey.” We are here for a short time and then poof -gone and eventually forgotten. Enjoy your life and let others do the same.
  9. Where is a good place to buy a used car. A dealer or ????? thank you.
  10. I am going to the Bangkok Auto Show March 27 to April 8. I plan on buying a Ford or Toyota truck. 4 door not 2 so I know I will pay more on yearly tax but I dont like the 2 door trucks. Anyone tell me what deals I can expect at the auto show as far a discounts or freebies. I am From USA so my Ford F 150 trucks I have had were gasoline and the only diesel product I owned was a farm tractor. Help me understand Thailand. Do I want diesel or gas and why? I like the drive of the Ford Ranger but I see Toyota trucks everywhere I travel in Thailand and what about resale value? I plan on moving to Khon Kaen next year and will use the truck more like a vehicle than a work truck. Thanks for your opinions and I don’t mean to hijack the OPs post but thought I would join in with some specific truck questions.
  11. Great movie and great band in many ways. Freddie was a genius risk taker and the world is a better place because of Queen and Freddie. How many albums do you hear that are extremely great and unusual? This album was both and so were albums by Nirvana, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson Thriller, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Elton John, Willie Nelson, Aretha Franklin, Johnny Cash ....... I wish movies were historical accurate but they have to make a profit and they put their twist on the facts for a good story.
  12. And a 13 percent state income tax, double gasoline prices, and a hundred billion dollar state debt and companies leaving in droves relocating to Texas. Thankfully Thailand will not become California. Seriously not meant as an attack on you just California. I really like your funny posts keep them up.
  13. I agree with you. Much easier to complain, criticize and moan that pull a dollar out of your pocket. This forum is full of guys like that. All the answers, daily critics, easy solutions in their minds, and no contribution to make anything better or willingness to pay more for environmental enforcement and change. Their theme of life is as long as it costs someone else money and not me I am all for it and have the solution. Same guys that gripe about rising prices. You want quality environmental food to feed the world then we all will need to pay much much more for it. Majority of voters and TVF critics are not willing for change to cost them personally anything. So nothing changes because the solutions hurt our wallets but would protect our lives and the earth. Kudos to the French which do impose reasonable food standards better than the rest of the world for a variety of reasons.
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