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  1. Dave Grohl sings and plays his heart out every concert. You get your moneys worth at a Foo Fighters Show. I don’t know how he does it but he genuinely seems joyful and humble. He is one of the best musicians and song writers on the planet. RIP Kurt hope you are in a better place. RIP Chester hope you are in a better place. Dave thanks for all you do for all of us.
  2. Great for you. What is your point. Not everyone lives close to immigration and not everyone travels once in a great while. Some of us travel weekly and live a long way from immigration. Feel better now. You are special. 55555
  3. I personally am not doing a TM 30. If they don’t want to give me an extension of stay I can go many places and support women and families in other countries. No use arguing with them and no use getting angry unless you have a wife and kids here that you support and care about. The rest of us are free to go or comply with the TM 30. I travel too much to do the TM30 and will not comply and do not have anything invested in this country and will not make any investments in the future. But some Isaan families will miss the money sent home to them and my landlord will miss my monthly rent money and the bank will miss my 800 k in the bank. But up to them. I don’t care anymore.
  4. As long as it is easy for you then all good for everyone. No problem so why take the time to comment and boast and post some troll nonsense.
  5. I would be interested to buy the car legally if that is possible. PM me with details.
  6. If you are legally married and file the papers at the Amphoe then your wife gets an automatic spouse visa unless fraud can be proved against you. If you have a “village wedding” only then she will probably never get a tourist or finance visa for the next 5 years. If you file the legal paperwork at the Amphoe then be aware she may be able to divorce you in the States if you live there a certain amount of time.
  7. No one feels sorry for the British. Not meant to sound harsh as I like London and some Brit friends. But your currency and arrogance was too high for many years. And your history of brutal conquests makes you as popular as the Vikings and Pirates. With your dumb Brexit decisions no one wants the pound and the pound will be worth less than a USA dollar next year Rome has fallen again as history repeats itself. IMO.
  8. Stuck is a self imposed mental issue. No one is ever stuck in any country or relationship or job. The only people that are stuck are those without free will.
  9. My landlord filed one when I moved into my rental condo. I travel inside and outside Thailand and my landlord and I are not going to file anything else. I don’t tell her when I leave and the rest is hysteria. If I get fined 800 baht when I do my extension I don’t care.
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