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  1. Are you smart and wealthy? I doubt it I bet you are zero for two.
  2. Guys come here happy. Then they got old and bitch every day about Thailand. Must make them happy to spread their personal misery.
  3. Can any of you guys read or are most of you convinced Thailand does not want expats anymore? IMO you must have health insurance but my opinion does not matter. What matters is if you are on an extension of stay and single and have 800k in the Thai bank relax and stop worrying about what might happen. If you are married and don’t have 400 k of money to deposit in a thai bank then worry because you are cash poor and cash poor equals disaster in every country in the world not just Thailand.
  4. With your great knowledge and brain you have done what with all of these “ideas” invented years ago? And what tax-payer money is funding Tesla? Yes businesses do hemorrhage money and that is why we have investors and investment bankers and Risk-Reward companies like Amazon, Federal Express, Uber, airlines, etc. And why some people are successful investors and businessmen and end up worth lots of money while others barely survive in Thailand and throw stones at the risk takers who make it big.
  5. Lot of Bs on this forum. Planes are full and swampy and Cw are busy as ever. Lots of threats to leave. Who cares? I wish there were less expats here. Don’t care about tourists. if you cannot afford retirement get a job.
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