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  1. FYI. No one cares. Enjoy Spain and finds something to do rather than criticize Thailand and decisions of other people. Every country has good and bad and we are all not alike. If Spain was utopia then it would be the most expensive place on earth. So enjoy your Eutopia my friend and forget the places you don’t enjoy
  2. Some guys work in Asia and fly to Bangkok for the weekend rather than stay in China etc. several times a year. If USA citizen they are suppose to be visa exempt. I am sure the Marriotts in BKK would not allow immigration to limit visa exempt entries to a small number per year. The OP needs to stay at the JW Marriott and get the Thai managers card and produce the card if he is denied entry. They will call the manager and he will get In every time. Don’t have to stay at the JW every time but just let the manager know what you are doing and stay there sometimes and bring him a gift occasionally if you want. Many Americans working in Asia with Thailand gfs or just enjoy Thailand more than where they are working. Flights are cheap and hotels in BKK used to be much cheaper than now.
  3. I have a different thought about HR. They exist to protect the company and hire and fire personnel. If you tell them you are afraind because of a temporary employee and his girlfriend just think out loud how that sounds. If I was your boss I would not think you are capable of being promoted. It sounds weird. Not meaning to insult you just trying to respond to your post. Do nothing. You are putting yourself in the center of the world and you are not that important that a Thai girlfriend would have you killed. If her boyfriend leaves she will survive and get another one. Relax
  4. I do not believe TVF represents the majority of expats in Thailand. After a while the constant complaining, blaming, insults, quick fixes and know it all daily posters make TVF hard to read or enjoy. I still read it but much less than before and probably one day will just walk away from reading TVF like most expats in Bangkok and Pattaya.
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