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  1. Ok, 8 days later I went to the PathumThani SS office. They were nice. Got there early in my Sunday best and was the 3rd person. They sent me upstairs. A Thai friend gave me a message in Thai to show the officer that stated I paid into SS for 3 years with past job and now want to personally continue payments. I gave them my old SS card, my 2 older government employer identification cards, my current work permit. The woman was nice and we typed back and forth in google translate. The translation said, "Can't apply because you are a passports person working in bed"...........hmmm....... Then she gave me two forms and said my current work needed to fill out the forms. About 500 baht in taxi fares and tolls and it looks like I will be going back with these forms and a "Yellow house sheet information"- I am guessing that is some kind of document to get from my landlord about my current residence.......
  2. Hi, everyone. I was wondering how one can pay into social security on their own. I paid into it and had benefits for 3 years until resigning 4 0r 5 months ago. Can it be done in BKK or would I have to do it in PathumThani since that's where my old job was........the "HR" at my old job has only said that I need to do it on my own but hasn't advised where to go........is it possible to continue paying into it if I haven't since August? Thanks for any advice. Cheers.
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