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  1. I ran one of these over once on a back road behind Maya. It was dark and I was going too fast and didn’t see it until the last second. I thought it was a fallen tree and braces for impact, but instead hit it and sort of squished over it and the bump wasn’t that bad. Immediately I stopped and realized it was a huge snake, then it slithered off. It was big enough to easily kill a human. Told the nearby home owners there the next day and they all laughed about it.
  2. It’s still not going to be enforced. Police still have to enforce things like confiscating vehicles, and they won’t. They also won’t be taken off the streets and lose their income stream from tickets. CCTV cams are not maintained. Some are, most are not. There is an entire street near me where 6 CCTV cams are now pointing right down to the ground, recording nothing. They’ve been that way for nearly 2 years. As luck would have it, it’s where the police set up road blocks.
  3. Haven’t done it in 10 years of living in Chiang Mai. No problems.
  4. At worst it’s a small fine. But he won’t be using immigration services so I wouldn’t bother. No one will ever know he’s there. Wouldnt waste my time.
  5. There are endless untapped sources of wealth here, but they are too stupid and short sided to see them.
  6. 1) No foreigner is going to be sent a ticket back in his / her home country, nor will they be obligated to pay it if they did. It’s laughable to even suggest this. 2) NONE of this will be enforced anyway. Law makers can pass a million new traffic rules and none of them will be followed by the police. Not one. Zero. They can’t be bothered. The Thai police are lazy, inept, corrupt, and are an embarrassment to real law enforcement around the world. They are the reason laws are not followed here.
  7. This story is a year old now and nothing was enforced, per usual.
  8. And unfortunately a part of Thai life and Thai culture. It’s how you get things done.
  9. Honestly, yes. Not saying she’s turning tricks but I also wouldn’t blindly believe her. So many of these women are running game on their boyfriends and husbands it’s ridiculous.
  10. Chinese tourists are the biggest spenders during Chinese New Years? Get out of here! I refuse to believe this rubbish.
  11. Fine with me. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, eat healthy food and exercise regularly. I’d be ok with a fast food ban too.
  12. They were smoking while standing in line at immigration when I went through swampy a few weeks ago. Security did nothing.
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