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  1. What amazes me is that western media keeps falling for this nonsense.
  2. dcnx

    Royal Decree Paves Way For 2019 Election

    They will delay until they no longer can, then put a puppet government into power.
  3. The divorce rate here was 40% back in 2004. I’d wager lots and lots of dozens.
  4. Little Somchai. Starting early. He’ll be driving drunk and attacking people with swords before we know it. They grow up so fast.
  5. I’m honestly amazed anyone buys that. You still have reporting, you still can’t work, so why throw that money away when an agent can take care of your visa for much less? It doesn’t make financial sense unless you simply have money to burn.
  6. It’s not like the junta will give up power. The winning party will be a puppet. The sad thing is, the people will fall for it. And if it were a fair election, votes would be up for sale again, starting it all over. They get the government they deserve.
  7. He specifically said he didn’t have a point. It’s no wonder so many of you ended up here and are now stuck.
  8. Per usual, the Somchai on the left doesn’t know what the Somchai on the right is doing.
  9. Exactly. It’s just more lip service from people who don’t understand how their own system works.
  10. She’s been arrested in Russia. Game over for her. Thats pretty unbelievable that the FBI was denied access to her while in Thailand. This whole thing stinks bigtime.
  11. Gotta make sure they know their place so they are ready to bow, wai, and prostrate themselves at a moments notice.