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  1. You know what would help them reach this target? INCREASING the speed limit. Yea, that will fix it.
  2. We have the official cost for a life in Thailand. This is all anyone is worth.
  3. You mean like proof of Yellow Fever vaccination? No, that would never happen. Never. Are you young and not well traveled or are you old and forgetful?
  4. The CDC also told people that masks were not needed for months.
  5. Yes. Everyone traveling should get the jab or not be permitted to fly or enter a country.
  6. I know girls in Pattaya who have had more tourists than that.
  7. Get out of here with your data, if Thailand says it’s 83 people, it’s 83 people.
  8. Unless my ears are deceiving me, he doesn’t mention how many were tested.
  9. If China is ever going to open again, they need the vaccine. If they are going to travel, they will need vaccinated. China is exporting a low quality vaccine and has about one that they are about to roll out for their own people. It’s a single shot like Johnson and Johnson. 70%+ efficacy according to the news.
  10. Isn’t this the vaccine that is not effective against the South African strain? Good luck with that, Thailand.
  11. The laws and news releases in this country are mind numbing. Just remove the speed limit, it won’t matter. It’s not enforced beyond a few areas where they take a photo, and these idiots are going to keep dying on the roads. The Thai autobahn is the end goal, with dead bodies piled up on the sides of the road and a tractor driving the wrong way in the dark with no lights on.
  12. I’m looking forward to the pics of them pointing at the vaccine.
  13. Why post all this nonsense from TAT? They are literally talking out of their tood. With the amount of propaganda that gets posted about them, I’m starting to wonder if they don’t own this board.
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