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  1. hi has anybody read on thai visa expert about becoming a permanent resident after 3 years of continuous stay in thailand is this true The minimum requirements to apply for Permanent residency is to have at least 3 years consecutive extensions issued from Thai Immigration, Holders of multiple NON-Immigrant visas can not apply. You must have 3 un-broken yearly extensions in order to qualify. Advantages and Benefits:It allows the holder to live permanently in Thailand, with no requirement to apply for an extension of temporary stay. In addition to the permanent residence book, an alien registration book will be issued, which is the equivalent of the ID card held by Thais. A permanent resident can have his/her name included on a house registration document (for example, if you buy a house on wife’s name. You can have your name on house registration in order not to lose your property no matter what the circumstance may be in the future) Obtaining a work permit is easier for a permanent resident than for a non-resident, but you still need to have a work permit if working. A permanent resident also has a number of other privileges such as, for example, being able to: Buy a condominium without being required to transfer money from abroad Apply for naturalization in accordance with the law concerned Have Thai nationality granted to children who are born in Thailand Become a director of a public company; and Apply for an extension of stay or permanent residence for non-Thai family members The Residency Permit itself never expires, unless revoked. To be able to leave the country and return at will, though, you need to apply each year for a re-entry permit (endorsement) at 1,000 baht (multiple entries). If you don’t leave Thailand, you don’t need to have an endorsement done. Also, you must present yourself at the police station covering the area where you are resident once every five years for a stamp in your book. An alien with permanent residency status will be eligible to apply for Thai citizenship after 10 consecutive years.
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