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  1. Yeah sorry maybe it's me, but after reading the title, I thought it was about a beauty pageant
  2. Yes Sweden is bad, but don't dribble yourself as well please : Death rate in Sweden is 7% of all registered cases. As usual we don't know the untested ones so the real rate is lower than 7%. As of yesterday 200 new cases and 12 deaths on 30th of June. Source : Worldometer
  3. There was no first wave in Thailand, so how can there be a second one ? Covid has killed less people in half a year than that die on the roads in one day, wake up.
  4. I would want some info as well in your case, and can understand how frustrating it is for you at the moment. The situation is the same in many countries, not just Thailand. You can't get into most of the EU from outside as well if you are not a national of one of the EU countries. Since they are now allowing married and working visa holders to come back, i suspect the next step will include the retirement extension holders. August or September seems like a reasonable time frame. Still in Thailand myself , we (GF and myself) wanted to visit Europe in May but that has of course also been cancelled, she can't get in and i can't get out. It's just a very weird time at the moment. Good luck and see you soon in Thailand.
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