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  1. Thailand, every 2 hours a new plan from some idle government official that wants his 15 minutes of fame. Why do we even bother to react ? There will be a new more illogical plan within the next 14 hours. A have a few for free : 1) In November start with all the foreigners that have a last name starting to A-F 2) Flood Pattaya so that it will be an island and the virus will stay there, everyone welcome 3) Koh Chang for Indians only if they bring soap for their soapy massage 4) Chinese group tours will go to the newly build little Thailand theme park in Cambodia 5) Reopen only the airport, you can't get out but at least you have been in Thailand
  2. So you think a motorbike without a motor is a safe thing ? Seriously get in a car, close to 80% of the traffic related deaths in Thailand are on motorbikes as everyone knows. In a car Thailand is on par with Canada for "safety".
  3. Sadly only when you have a house with a garage / driveway and more importantly some high output charging system which costs, lots of, extra cash. Filling your 80kwh battery with 2kw takes you 5 nights. And yes please Thai government, take away the crazy taxes on cars, all you are doing is making people buy pickup trucks as that is the only car that isn't taxed to the extreme. Toyota corolla hybrid (called altis here) in Thailand : 1.100.000 Baht and discounts are low or consists of "free mats !". Same exact car in Germany after discounts : 628.000 baht (apl.de, baht 36,66) As an example, the car tax system here made me buy a massive toyota hilux pickup truck with a big diesel engine instead of a small Mercedes. In Germany those two cost the same, here i can buy 3 of those trucks for the price of one small hatchback Gla.
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